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03-07 Canucks "Stick-in-Rink" Jersey


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What were the different jerseys that the Canucks used for the authentic "vintage" alternate jerseys from 2003-07?

I think they used the CCM AirKnit ones in the early years, and the RBK 6100 in the later years. Can authentic blanks of either version still be readily purchased? If so, where?

I saw the 6100 listed on here on Ebay, but cannot tell if it is real. The seller seems to have a decent reputation on this forum so I think the jersey's are legitimate. Could someone please verify this?


I just noticed that the close-up photos of the tags were taken from another jersey (there's no yellow on the jersey being sold). Seems sketchy...

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It looks legit to me too. The tags look like the ones for 6100s and since he has a decent reputation, I would go for it. The hanger makes the shoulders look kind of broad, but that's just the hanger. No worries in my opinion.

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