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ProPlayer jersey fabric question


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I have two ProPlayer replicas and they are vastly different. I'd like some feedback if anyone knows why or when they made the switches.

The Sabres is made of the pique fabric that Starter also used. It has the softer feel

and honestly feels like an odd choice for jerseys. The PP and Eastern Conference are at the back hem.

I have a Canadiens replica that is made from what seems to be Ultrafil, same as the old CCM's from the early 90's.

It's feels great and the front crest is sewn on, a real quality replica. Only the PP logo is at the back hem.

I'd love to get more of these PP replicas like the Canadiens but it's hard to tell from pics sometimes which fabric I'll be getting.

I look for the telltale similarities, hem logo, inner tag but I'm still not sure sometimes.

any thoughts?

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I love the Pro-Player replicas. The best replica hockey jerseys I've owned.

I don't know about the two teams you mentioned, Sabres and Habs, but I own Rangers, Avs, and Stars Pro-Player replicas. The Rangers and Avs are a nice heavy knit material, probably same as you mentioned the Habs jersey had. The Stars jersey is still nice, but it's a lighter material because the design is sublimated onto the jersey. Even though it's a dark (green/black) jersey it's white on the inside - the color the jersey started before the sublimation process. More than likely it's that same way on the Sabres jersey you have.

My guess would be that the complex designs used by some of the teams lead them to be sublimated, whereas the more simple striped designs like the Habs and Rangers were made from the knit material.

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I have a Habs Pro Player replica and it uses the same type of doubleknit material that the authentic did. The others that I have do not use that material, and I probably have about 20 or so. BTW, Pro Player used the same Korean company that Starter did, plus also made some in Canada. I have two white Stars' jerseys, one Canada, and one Korea. The Canada version has the crest sewn to a material plate that is sewn to the jersey, the way most crests are. The Korea version is directly embroidered to the jersey.

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