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Planning for the future


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I have been thinking about something for a while now.

Perfect Example:

The black Chicago Blackhawks alternate that was used last year.

A jersey used for one year, one would assume the jersey would be worth something in the future. Do you guys think that buying the jersey right off is a wise investment or do you think someone should wait and see what the first hand market will do price wise with them first. Nhl.com still has the above jersey for full price. It was my understanding that the jersey was discontinued when the winter classic was adopted. I am surprised the jersey isnt on clearance at this point.

Im just wondering if the first hand market price will ever be lower then the secondary marketplace (etc. ebay).

I guess one thing you have to consider as well. We are just now getting into the time period where edge jerseys are going to be discontioned like the possible current sabres jerseys. I dont think we as collectors really know what the overall value and collectability of the edge jerseys are going to be. For one, the influx of counterfeit jerseys makes it harder to sell a secondhand genuine edge jersey.

I just wanted to see what the overall board opinion was on this topic

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I would think only buy the ugly ones. For example, now that they are discontinued, I was thinking about picking up the Predators' yellow third jersey pictured in your avatar. Otherwise, I can't see the Blackhawks' plain Jane third, although nice, being a collector's item. But, that's just my opinion so take it for what its worth.

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I have done this with a couple of jerseys, some recent, some older, that Predators 3rd being one of them, but like was said, I dont see the Blackhawks one really being in that category. The fact it was around before the EDGE cut and not everyone cares if they correctly match players to jersey style/brand period, it might add some value, but not more than many of the recent 3rd jerseys at the end of the CCM/KOHO era in my opinion. I think too with all the Chinese knockoffs were seeing on ebay, youre gonna be hard pressed to find people who dont know any better then to buy the fakes

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