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1996 Lightning 3rd jersey questions


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Hey guys, I've got a potential purchase on the blocks but I'm waiting to pull the trigger on it and I need some of the board's help.

I recently saw this item on my local Kijiji site.

It's a Starter Replica 1996-1999 Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate jersey.


It was being offered for $60 but I managed to get it down to $50.

Does that seem reasonable for this jersey? They aren't very popular on eBay.

Secondly, I am obviously planning on customizing it (either Clark, Langkow, or Renberg), but with the odd shaped letters, I don't know if a single company could produce it. What do you guys recommend?

I read on nhluniforms.com that for the 1998-99 season the Lightning sometimes used their normal lettering and numbering on the alternate jersey.


A quick search found images of Clark wearing the alternate but with the regular TBL numbering. Would this make it easier to customize?


I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts. It's a rare jersey that I don't mind ponying up money for, but my main focus would be customization and I don't want to get the jersey if the customizing process is unfeasible. Thanks.

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Wow...I didn't even see this.

The striping on the Starter Replica is terrible in comparison to what was actually worn.


I won't be picking up this jersey.

Thanks anyway guys.

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Starter generally did great work, but there were a few replica jerseys that were flawed, Lightning third, Coyotes third, IHL L.A. Ice Dogs all come to mind.

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The Lightning wore those jerseys with the electric numbers the first two seasons, and then for some reason started the 98-99 season with the paintbrush numbers and changed back to the electric numbers about two months into the season, so either font is ok to use, but the paintbrush numbers were only worn with the 1999 All-Star Game patch.

The electric numbers were worn with no patch (96-97), the Cullen Shamrock patch (97-98) and the 1999 All-Star patch.

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