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Any WBS Penguins jersey experts here?


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I have 4 special WBS Penguins jerseys, and I am wondering does anyone know the exact game that the baby Pens wore these jerseys?

They are all pre-edge era Reebok jerseys, so I am guessing it is either 2005-06 or 2006-07 style. I want to customize all 4 jerseys, so I wanna make sure the players that I want to put on actually wore that style. If anyone has pictures of the customization it will be great.

Pics are as followed:





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The middle two are from the 2006-2007 season. The third one was our alternate jersey from that year.

The jersey on the bottom was our alternate jersey in the 2007-2008 season. And one of the least liked alternates, but that's another story haha.

I do not have any of my own pictures of the customization but I could scrounge Google and see what I can find if that would work.

I am kinda blanking on the year that XMAS jersey is from. We used to have a sweet jersey history feature on our site but they took it down.

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Here is the XMAS jersey. So far, that's the only decent pic I could find. The others I can see the number style but not the name on the back.


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Hey WBSBurghFan2001,

thanks for letting me know.

Yea, the WBS Pens used to post the style that they wore on their website. But I guess they wore one too many and just stopped.

If you know exactly which games those jerseys were used it would be great, especially the XMas and Military. The third is ok since they wore it once in a while. Cause I wanna customized them in the future and I want to make sure the players I want to customize actually wore them

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