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So I just bought my first Authentic Jersey. I'm so excited...I never realised how different the authentics and replicas really are!!!! Anyway...my point...

It's a 2008-2009 Manitoba Moose jersey, complete with the Luc Bourdon patch. I bought it from a guy on Kijiji while I'm here in the Peg on a business trip. He had it customised at the team store with Curtis Sanford and it's beautiful, but I'm considering getting it changed. I have some questions though...

  1. What 'damage' will be done it it having it changed? Everything is embroidered onto the jersey, professionally done, it's grade A work
  2. Will there be any noticable marks on the jersey after having the old numbers removed (not so worried about the name plate, as it will just get replaced in the same position
  3. Who should I get it customised with? I've narrowed it down to Cody Hodgson (only played for MTB in the playoffs), Cory Schneider (possibly going to be traded soon) or Michael Grabner

Any help would be wonderful!

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Moose jerseys are awesome! I'd love to see a pic if you could upload it!

I'd go for Hodgson. I have a Mike Keane Moose authentic from 06-07.

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It probably will, especially for edge jersey with the material Reebok used.

If the customizer used glue, forget it, I am 99% certain that you probably can't get the glue out. Don't try Goo Gone on edge jersey either, it will bleach.

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More than likely it will be noticeable. You'll probably notice a color difference in the fabric, as the areas that are embroidered have been protected from the elements all this time. Unless what your replacing it with is similar in size, you will probably notice the area where the old embroidery was. If it's glued on ......good luck. It's normally a mess getting it off.I would take it to a professional embroidery shop and ask them for options, preferably someone whose got a good reputation.

Good Luck!!


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