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Jersey Customization Question/Decision


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SO I have had a older Thrashers jersey for a while now and want to look into getting a kit to customize a name and such. Now after doing some thinking and research, I have narrowed it down to 3 options:

1. Ilya Kovalchuk or some other well known/is known as a Thrasher. Not just some 1 year veteran signing but someone a Thrashers fan would actually wear.

2. Braydon Coburn, I am a Flyers fan and obviously a fan of Coburn. It would be a nice unique jersey and I'd have the oppurtunity to possibly get it autographed as well since I am in the area and attend camps/public events whenever I can.

3. Shawn McEachren...this is probably the most unconventional of the three options. One of the benefits is I get to have a "C" also I had a teacher who I believe is related to him and she still works in the district. I'd have to confirm this before I took this route cause I'd probably try and get it autographed and would want to be absolutely sure...otherwise I would just have an Atlanta Thrashers McEachren jersey.

Any input or suggestions are welcome...TIA.

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