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Autentic Size Question/dumb noob question


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I now own five authentic jerseys and am curious if there is a good breakdown on how the sizes differ. I know the EDGE system jerseys are slimmer cut, but it seems that the sizes vary depending on manufacturer. I have a 52 CCM Atlanta Thrashers away jersey that fits well (I'm a big guy), but I also have a Starter 56 that is only slightly bigger. My 56 CCM Thrashers home is bigger than the away, but not so much that it feels 4 sizes bigger.

My last two purchases were from a local store so I was able to try them on, but I am concerned about ordering online. Can sizes vary from not just manufacturer, but from team to team?

What is the deal with ultrafill? I see it mentioned a lot, but am not 100% sure what it means.

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Jersey sizing is crazy!

My Lemieux (Starter 48)

My Richards/Morrow/Parise (RBK old style 46)

and my Mitchell (RBK EDGE authentic 52)

all fit roughly the same on me.

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Starter jerseys had some sizing issues from what I have found - atleast with their NHL authentics. It seems to me that the jerseys made in the US (Berlin, WI) that were mainly team issue were more "true to size" than some of the Starter authentics made in El Salvador or Haiti. I've got a Starter size 52-R and a Starter 60-R that both are roughly the same size as a CCM 6100 size 56.

So ignoring starter, for the most part the CCM/Koho/RBK 6100s were a consistent size. The new RBK Edge jerseys are quite a bit smaller for a given numeric size. Below is a size chart that lists both the older CCM 6100/550 sizes along with the RBK Edge/Premier sizes.


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