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Hello all. I was just starting to get into collecting hockey jerseys and I heard a lot of good things about IceJerseys.com and noticed this forum while picking up a home Minnesota Wild home authentic jersey. I don't have many jerseys yet, but am looking forward to collecting them over time.

I currently only have two authentics

93/94 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim White (blank)

01/02 Atlanta Thrashers Dark (Kovalchuk)

I'm not 100% sure about the Thrashers one. The name is sewn directly to the back and it has CCM next to the NHL shield on the bottom of the back and that doesn't seem to exactly match what is on the hockey uniform database.

I have a couple of the new premier ones (Penguins, Blackhawks), but they just aren't the same as the real deal.

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Welcome to our jersey addicts anonymous meeting err, community ...

Don't the detail freaks (like me) scare you about nameplates etc. at the end of the day all that matters is that you have a jersey you love (that's Rule #1 in my book).

As for your Thrashers jersey - sounds like you've got a '99-00 CCM the only year they wore with the logo on the hem, the next year it was moved up to above the nameplate on the top back.

Kovalchuk wasn't on the Thrashers in '99-00, which means absolutely nothing (see Rule #1) as long as you're happy with the jersey. They wore the same style in 2001 as 2000, so a pesky little hem tag is no reason to fret.

Once again welcome.

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Welcome, nacho!

Even though some of us are detail freaks, trust me you will love it here. I've been a member for about 5-6 months and I can safely say this is pretty much the only message board I come to that doesn't make me cringe everytime I log in. Everywhere else I go everyone is acting stupid and fighting with each other, but this is a nice little community. Corny I know, but I really do enjoy posting and reading here. Everyone is non-judgemental.

And I see you're a Minnesota fan. Please say hello to all my former Penguins who have moved north. And I can also assure you'll have a great head coach there this year. The Baby Penguins went to the Calder Cup Finals in Todd Richards' second season as head coach.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. The Thrashers jersey was a steal from a local hockey supply store (about $150) so I can't complain. It was my first authentic since my ducks jersey and it is of outstanding quality. I like it a lot and am thinking of maybe picking up one of the new design 3rds of theirs in the future.

I'm going to try to stick to only getting one or two a year due to the price. I can't wait for my customized one to ship from icejerseys. It seems mildly taboo to put your own name on a jersey, but with free agency being how it is I figured it would be fun to have one with my name on it. Being in the Chicago area I doubt anyone will notice that there aren't any players with my last name on the Wild. :)

Any jerseys I buy in the future will have a current player's name on it.

I'll be sure to post pics when my jersey gets here.

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Welcome indeed!

Be sure that if you seriously want to stick to only 1-2 jerseys per year, that you have someone to keep you to that...

I started collecting mid-way through the last NHL season and I'm currently 9 deep if you include the Steelers jersey I also bought. 11 if you count the two I had before that. Easy to get addicted lol

Enjoy your time here! :)

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