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Another Anaheim Ducks question


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The Ducks used an alt jersey from 1997-98 and 1998-99 in both white and teal and in 1999-00 in just the white.


Does anyone know if they used nameplates on the jerseys during this time period?

I feel like I'm getting conflicting information about if they did or did not. Perhaps they did some years and not others?

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Here's all I could find quickly:

98-99 Nike Ducks Teal Alt with Nameplate


99-00 ProPlayer Ducks White Alt with Nameplate


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You know, I've been wondering the same thing lately. I did some inspecting on what looks like the same pictures that akteon posted, and the plates look like they're made from that satin-y material. Once I had seen that, I put the idea of buying a blank version of that jersey out of my head because I doubt anyone has that stuff lying around.

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