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Has the price for NHL Premier RBK Edge increased this year?


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Hey everyone!

I saw the ad for IceJerseys 35$ customization deal, and was interesting in getting a jersey.

However, I noticed that all the Premier jerseys are now priced 135$. What happened, was it always that expensive at IJ? It seems like the money I could save on the customization at IJ is spent on the jersey itself. This is certainly disappointing as I can get the blank Premier jersey for 99$ at other retailers.

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I just looked IJ and all of the blank Premier replicas I saw were $114.50 which is the regaular MSRP (just check shop.nhl.com).

Some places do run sales and offer the Premiers for less, but I think the discount you're getting on the IJ customization more than makes up for the difference.

EDIT: I just realized you're talking CAD instead of USD. If you can find Premier's for $99 CAD that's roughly $85 USD which is really cheap. I doubt you're going to find some place to give you a Premier that cheap and a give you authentic customization for $50-60 off, so I think the IJ deal is a good one.

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