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Country of Origin RBK Premier jerseys

J van wessel

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I got a question from someone who bought a jersey from me .

Isnt it a fake ? Because it says made in indonesia.

So my question is .

Are the premier jerseys made in indonesia ?

Because i also have a ducks premier jersey from sportsk and its also from there.

I thought Reebok is Maska and all jerseys where made in canada ?

Please let me know .

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Yes, they are made in Indonesia; according to NHL Shop. You need to go to a jersey and scroll down a little to find it, but it will say that Indonesia is the country of origin.

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Only the authentic RBK Edge jerseys are made in Canada. The RBK Premier replicas are made in Indonesia.

I'm sure one of our jersey historians has more detail - but I know that retail Starter authentic NHL jerseys were made in El Salvador while the game issue ones were made in Wisconsin.

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Thank you for the fast answers .

J van Wessel

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RBK NHL premiers are made in Indonesia, but AHL premiers are made in Canada, as are the Edge.

As far as the Starter's went, retail authentics were assembled in El Salvador (USA made material). Some of the third jerseys (Boston and Pittsburgh come to mind), were assembled in Haiti, but did not have a fight strap. Game issued authentics were made in Berlin, WI. Replicas were made in Korea.

Pro Player authentics were made in Canada, replicas were made in both Korea and Canada.

Nike/Bauer NHL/IHL/AHL authentic and replica were made in Canada (by SP in Granby, QC).

CCM/Koho has made most of their jerseys in Canada, but around 2002, they began to use the Korean company that Starter and Pro Player used for some of their 550's. In 2006, they began to use a supplier in Indonesia for some of their 550 production. Same supplier for the premiers? I don't know, but 2006 was the first time, to my knowledge, that Indonesian made jerseys arrived on the scene.

Not gospel by any means, but I've found this to be a pretty good guideline.

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