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09 Cup Patch


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1.) This guy a good patch seller that any of you know of?

2.) Either way, there couldn't be fake '09 patches already, could there? They were just released to the public today.

3.) What do you guys think of the new look?

I personally like the older patches that make mention of the two conferences. This seems a tad plain, though I do like it more than the one they used the last few years.

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Hey blurry, quit copying everything I WANT!!!! :P

I know nothing of this seller but I would trust him based on his pretty darned good feedback rating.

And I like the new patch; I think it's a unique design....most of them over the last several years seem to be the exact same thing; just change the year. It should look good on the Kunitz jersey I am getting from IJ for my birthday present to me.

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Patch Collection might very well be selling the real deal patches, but they have sold me reproductions (dare I say "fakes") of legit patches this year when I bought the Montreal All-Star Game and 100th Anniversary patches. They did not come with the same flat twill border for sewing like I expected.

I would trust PatchCollectibles.com with my money. His are shown in the official packaging on his website.

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