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Attaching patches


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to cusomize a 1994 Canucks Maska CCM jersey and have a couple of questions. I have been fooling around with the sewing machine a bit and have confidence that I can do the proper zig zag stitching with no problems, but do you guys use an adhesive to attach the patches before you sew them on? I have looked at an adhesive that you apply around the edges of smaller patches and then heat with an iron from both the inside and the outside. Is that a common practice or do most people just sew them in to position without using an adhesive?

Thanks in advance.

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I only iron it on if the patch has a glue backing. If it doesn't have the backing, then I'll use some light scotch tape to hold the patch in place until I get enough stitching around it. I don't think that stuff you're looking at would hurt though.

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