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Edge jersey large size help


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I did a search and could not find a thread addressing this issue. I wanted to see if anyone had information on this.

Most retailers show Edge sizes 46, 50, 52, 54, 56 and 60.

I have a size 58 Edge 1.0 GI Avananche jersey. I don't see a retail size 58 anywhere. I also see on Meigray some size 58+. My Avalanche jersey does not have any "+", just size 58.

I thought I remember reading somewhere that Reebok started re-tagging the 60's as 58's, because of some negative connotation with a size as large as 60.

Anyway, my question is.....does anyone know if I buy a 60, will it be similar in size as my 58? Or does anyone have any experience with comparing actual measurements of an Edge 56 to 60, or an Edge 58 to 60.

Thanks for any help!

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Burnaby Joe Sakic will definitely have some insight to shed on this (and no, not just because you mentioned the Avs). I know he's got a 58+ Edge as well as a couple retail Edge jerseys in the 56-60 size range.

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I have both sizes. A 60 in an edge 1.0 and a 58+ game worn 2.0. Perseonally I think there is a differnce in the two. The 58+ is more form fitting and the sleeves are shorter. The 60 1.0 jersey seems to be more baggy in the mid-section and the sleeves are ridiculously long. I have to fold them up. The 58+ 2.0 is by far the superior jersey. I once read somewhere, may have been here, to subtract 4 from the size. 60=56 in the old 6100's and 58=54 in the older CCM jerseys. Not sure about the 58+ but the theory that they changed the 60's to 58+'s does not seem right. Hope this helps. I think the leauge needs to go back to the old 6100 style anyway.

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