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Wall stickups


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If these were made available with NHL players, would you get one for your hockey room?

I've seen those before and I was upset that they didn't have any NHL ones. I'm not sure if I'd put them in my hockey room as it's small and I need all the wall space for jerseys and autographs, but I have a kind of game room in the basement of my house on LI with ping pong and billiards and a small bar, which is pretty much vacant except for seltzer in the fridge. I still enjoy shooting a couple of rounds of pool once in a while, though I was never very good at it and the table was a family hand me down. I would definitly consider putting an Ovechkin or something of the sort on one of the walls down there though.

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I have no room on my walls for one of these things. My wife wanted to get me a Carolina Panthers one, but couldn't find wall space for it and then there was the price, which is a little steep. I can wear a jersey, but I can't wear a fathead. B)

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For what it's worth, I have a couple Fatheads, and they're a great product. I have even moved them around a couple times, and they still stick well.



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Do they do customs?

I want a Gartner Magnum P.I. Fathead ^_^


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