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  1. This was a requested thread. If you are looking at a jersey on ebay and are unsure of the legitimacy on it, feel free to post a link here and the fellow members can help you judge it. For those that offer up their opinions, if you say it is fake, please state why it is so that we can help everyone here learn a bit more about how to notice things.
  2. So I've been looking at the Oilers 3rd jersey that were manufactured from the early-mid 2000s that were designed by Todd Macfarlane. I know the first few years this was manufactured it was done by koho and in 2006 it was done by Reebok. I've seen a few with CCM on the neck, when did the Oilers wear the CCM branded version of this jersey?
  3. any thoughts on this jersey? it's a 52 ccm/masko from canada - how does it fit compared to a reebok edge 2.0? i have the opportunity to get it at a great price...but i'm not sure....
  4. My wife is having a baby and it is time to clean out the closet. Free shipping to all lower 48 States, To Canadian Customers: add $20.00 Prices are flexible, make me an offer. First person to PM “I take it wins, best offer beats all”. Payment will be via Paypal, and shipping will be USPS priority mail. ---All Jerseys were stored in a climate controlled closet with no pets or smoking in the house!--- Edge 2.0 Mike Richards NWT ($180.00). 2. Edge 2.0 Blank ($150.00 each) I HAVE THREE OF THESE, all NWT 2. Eric Lindros Nike Authentic, Size 52 (note small stain) ($140.00) Excellent co
  5. Ohlensehlen35

    CCM or RBK?

    My friend and I were talking and we both like the CCM jerseys, I was wondering if anyone felt the same? The RBK jerseys are nice but I feel like teams don't have that creativity like they used to because they are limited with the edge design. I know they are lighter and give the players more mobility and all but they just don't appeal to me like the CCM, Koho and starter/ pro players do. So how do you feel about it? would you like to see the crazy fun designs like CCM jerseys or do you prefer the sleeker RBK Edge jerseys?
  6. Ive check around the forums here and Ive yet to find a definitive answer to this question. Please direct me to it if you may. But otherwise.... What is/are the differences between a Canadian made CCM/Koho to an Indonesian made? I see them on ebay and nobody bites on the the Indo jerseys... but are all over the Canadian ones. Is there something that Im not aware of here? Is there a large enough difference to pay $20-30 more for a Canadian jersey and get into a bidding war over? Thanks in advance for any answers. - Josh
  7. What does 'EUC' mean while buying a jersey? Is this something someone has made up to make it sound like it's somewhat special?.. or well cared for? My best guess... and I might have it spot on... Excellent Used Condition? If I have it right can you please verify so Im not left guessing and you all think Im ignorant haha. Thanks guys, take it easy. - Josh
  8. New and improved Jersey sale featuring NHL and College authentic/replica sweaters. All prices are negotiable and will incur a $20 shipping fee to CAN and $10 to US. Jersey: 2000 NHL All-Star Game World Goalie Jersey Type: CCM Authentic Numbering: None, Blank Condition: Like New (never worn, no damage, never washed, perfect condition) Size: 56 Price: $100 US Jersey: 1996-1999 Chicago Blackhawks Away Jersey Type: Nike Replica Numbering: 7, Chris Chelios Condition: Like New (worn once, no damage, never washed, perfect condition) Size: 52 (XL) Price: $100 US Jersey: University o
  9. Authentics for Sale 2/16 UPDATE - Added Red Wings Zetterberg Red 54 Edge 2.0, Canadiens Barber Pole 52 & 56, Sabres blue 56 Miller, Sabres blue 60 Vanek, Sabres white 56 Miller, Sabres white 56 Vanek. Many authentics on sale: 6100 or Edge, blank or player, team color or white, CCM/Koho/Nike/Pro Player/Reebok and so on. All are NHL teams except for an AHL Portland Pirates jersey. The list is in alphabetical order by local name, all-stars are at the bottom. Priority Mail for a two-pound jersey should cost about $6-12 in the US, about $26 to Canada. Please send me private messages
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