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  1. What do we got here? Best picks I got.
  2. All I can do is shake my head... Unbelievable. I guarantee not a single one of those designers can skate.
  3. Hey peeps, I'm looking for an Avalanche Adizero game issue. I'm just wondering in general how hard game issues are to find. No just for the Avs but for any team. If anyone can point me to a thread or perhaps a site selling any game issue it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. LOL... Puke on both of these... Gotta be a joke...
  5. Got a game issue Colorado 3rd jersey. 2.0 from last year (Meigrey, #2 Joel Chouinard GI ). I want to customize it to a Duchene (Which is why I bought #2) but the name plate seems to be on there pretty good... It almost seems glued on the edges or pressed or something..??? Anyone have any ideas or experiences stripping these things???
  6. Hahaha... true. Some are harder to tell than others without looking at fight strap.
  7. Not even a good knock off. Sorry bud.
  8. So they have worn both in games? Indo and Canada?
  9. Other thing is away jerseys dont have it. Just the homes it seems. Is this accurate?
  10. What were the gamers? Cause i can recall that neck liner in the guys jerseys last year.
  11. Winnipeg Jets home jersey. Tag says made in Indonesia as well as on green neck lining. But strap looks legit. Confused...??? Is this enough or more pics needed. Logo is legit. I live in WPG and fakes are really really bad.
  12. These guys dont seem ill willed. Just seem like morons. If he was asking $400 id think he was a scammer.
  13. Number job is just botched?
  14. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=290887270230
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