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  1. Shandy, I like that you excluded Sundin. Even as a Leaf fan, the only player you can't criticize in any way is Mats Sundin. Otherwise, you made a mistake saying you're a girl. This is the introwebs lmao. That video is hilarious.
  2. Name: Bill Age: 14 Sex: M Birthplace: Toronto ON Hometown: Toronto ON Nationality: Canadian Height: 5'6 Weight: 180 (Yes, I'm a blimp.) Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Kinda teal... Mode of Transportation: My feet... Job: None, but I'm applying at Sportcheck this summer. How you became a jersey collector: I just love sports, started buying them. Favorite Player: Tie Domi Favorite Player to hate: Daniel Alfredsson College Attended/Attending: None Video Game Systems Owned: PS2, Game Cube Favorite Game(s): Not really a gamer... Music You Listen Too: I hate music. Favorite Movie (
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