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  1. Seeing it doesn't have the fight strap, I am betting it is from the Junior "A" St. Michael Buzzers of the OJHL.
  2. Check eBay and online classifieds, and before purchasing post the ad in the It is good or not topic. Gotta say though I don't remember seeing many (or any) fake CCM Sharks from the early years.
  3. There is already a thread for this, it's called It is good or not?.
  4. I find that 99% isopropyl alcohol works best at removing autographs on most materials and surfaces. Make sure it is 99%. Not 76%, and not rubbing alcohol.
  5. I believe it is a reaction with the glue, but the age of the jersey/customization also affects the outcome. The more glue residue there seems to be, the worse the bleed and the stain. Also the longer the glue residue and bleed have set in, the harder it is to remove. In my experience if the number comes off easily, there is not much glue residue and less bleed.
  6. White is very difficult to strip clean, and colour bleed from the numbers could almost ruin the outcome. It's a gamble.
  7. SportsK has Datsyuk and Zetterburg authentics listed in size 46. Maybe they have blanks?
  8. As LAK74 says, you will have to try and wash them. You have some nice jerseys, I'd love to get my hands on the Nordiques, Sharks and the 92 All Star. If you can't get them clean, you'll have some really nice jerseys that you can customize for shinny. That's the best way I would look at it.
  9. Upload them to something like Picasa web or Imageshack, whatever hosting company you like or trust. Then use the image button on the toolbar of the reply field to insert the address of the image.
  10. Were they from an estate in Viking, Alberta???? In regards to the colour tone differences. Is it common yellowing (environmental) staining or is there any glue residue? Hand or light machine washing of the jersey can significantly help or completely remedy some common yellowing, however some yellowing (tobacco especially) is practically permanent. If there is glue residue, try acetone and/or Goof-Off, and thoroughly wash the jersey. Each may require several treatments before seeing results. Best thing to do is post some pictures of those jerseys here in your topic so everyone can
  11. Great dealing with Nathan. Picked up two jerseys from him. Sent a couple SVP specials out his way too.
  12. He absolutely wore 54 for the Jets. Also wore 54 Nike for Ducks.
  13. I agree, that one looks good!
  14. The only one they have is Thrashers White in 56.
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