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    1985-86 Petr Klima rookie, 1999-00 Joe Sakic Road, 2011-12 Gabriel Landeskog rookie
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    1999-00 Joe Sakic Road Burgundy Pro Player Set 3

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  1. thanks guys... very happy to add this sweater to my Klima collection...
  2. Thanks! Klima was my favorite player in HS and college...
  3. 1987-88 Petr Klima Road.. (Eastside) Some nice game use, including mark on front of sweater... Diligently searching for photo matches.. The shirt has some major modifications especially the shortened sleeves which I have not seen in other earlier Klima game worn jerseys from the Wings that I own...
  4. 1998-99 Milan Hejduk Set 2 Road (rookie season) A grail shirt for me as an avid Avalanche game worn jersey collector... The Duke is a favorite of mine and I am thrilled to own one of his rookie gamers.. Photomatched as well!
  5. Team Issue MIC Panarin... Customization done to NY Rangers specs by Arena Wear,, the club's customizer.. They did a fantastic job on this Breadman sweater and very fast turnaround too.. I had the shirt back in 2 weeks... 😎
  6. 1998-99 Milan Hejduk Set 2 Road (rookie season) Just arrived! Over the moon excited to add this Avalanche game worn grail jersey to my collection. The Duke!
  7. got close again in 2006-07 in NY with 96 points the year after his 54 goal, 123 point campaign in 2005-06..
  8. Haven’t posted many of my pickups in a while,, but this one is a beauty... 2016 Gabriel Landeskog WCOH sweater worn against Russia on Sept 18th, 2016. The Avs captain scored in the sweater by beating Sergei Bobrovsky.. Thanks to friend and fellow game worn jersey collector Dan Donnelly for this beauty. I have 12 Landeskog gamers in my collection and this is among my favorites..
  9. enzo269

    eBay version 4.0

    yeah,, I have seen 4 over the last couple of months... 2 that were customized With Graves and Leetch and I also saw two blanks with one that was stripped with glue residue on it... They all sold very quickly though... Once made available, they are never around very long... I wonder where the peeps that bought the TBTC blanks will get them properly customized now that Keener isn't doing customizations for the public any longer,, at least until Spring 2020.
  10. enzo269

    eBay version 4.0

    a 91-92 Leetch NYR TBTC was on ebay this morning, properly customized and was gone in a flash...
  11. Lololol. all of those jerseys are hot garbage
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