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  1. Have the Blues EVER looked bad? Even the mid-90's slanted ones look ten times better than some others. Of course, queue the obligatory never-produced "music" thirds...
  2. Pretty sure Nike never released authentics from the Olympics, unfortunately. Now that Oshie's with the Caps, I wouldn't have minded adding one myself
  3. I have nothing against Cowboys fans honestly, aside from the fact that they're like EVERYWHERE in DC, and always have been, like no other team I know of. And they're our RIVALS. Whatever happened to city pride? (of course, the Skins aren't much to be proud of lately, but this was even back when they were good).
  4. Mets fans. Grumble grumble grumble (though it's our own fault in DC that we're out. Ego got too big for our britches).
  5. I'd say 1/3 is pretty accurate here in DC. Of the folk who are wearing jerseys anyway. We get a lot of the folk in suits who don't even bother taking off their tie lol because they're at a "business meeting." And a lot of people seem to have the dough to at least show up in replicas. Authentics are a bit rare though. I wish I was big enough to fit in those Meigrays. Alas, I'm (blessed?) with being an Edge size 52. Sigh.
  6. As much as I understand Holtby being pissed at Faulk, it's not the guy's fault the refs were blind. Fast moving game, goalie's gloves over his face...meh.
  7. As a fellow Caps fan, welcome! One of my favorite jerseys is a 1.0 2011 Winter Classic Chimera. Always get complimented on it! Make sure you send them in/get customizing from EPS, they do the on-ice Caps jerseys and do an amazing job.
  8. I never thought about it much before, but seeing how my mom's family hails from Poland, I'd love to get a Polish national team jersey (or maybe a local team one)...doesn't seem that likely, but something that'd be comparable to an Edge 52 would be amazing (can't hurt to ask).
  9. Gotta love those Whales. Just a beaut. Shows just how much the Canucks are wasting that epic blue/green color scheme.
  10. Funny, that Pens one has the name of an old ex on it. Makes me think I should look and see if there's ever been a minor leaguer with my name I could locate!
  11. Funny, and also appropriate to the question at hand - a few years ago I sent a Replica Caps Black jersey to EPS in a batch on a whim. I was having a discussion with some friends about who to get on it, and jokingly came up with "Konowalchuk" for exactly the same reason. It BARELY fits on the jersey, but it was definitely worth it for a laugh. Not a bad choice, although I'd still tend to go Bondra or Kolzig.
  12. I just realized I never stumbled into this thread again after posting the statement about the EPS kits. Here's my honest reasoning. I have sent kits up to EPS before, and it took months to get back. I know it can be the same with other customizers too; it's been said plenty of times that we're small change to them, especially when they have whole pro team kits to make by very specific deadlines. I completely understand why I'd be put on the back burner. COMPLETELY. I also can say that I gave them an old jersey that wasn't in the style sheet files, so they had to recreate it, which takes time.
  13. I haven't done it in a bit, but I remember that you do have to fill out a customs form. If you do it online, it'll give you the forms to fill out, not too bad. Personally, I prefer calculating what the shipping would be online like dsl said, getting payment, then making a trip down to the post office and filling everything out in person to make sure you're doing it right.
  14. I don't know much about the films, why exactly was the Hendrix patch removed from them? (Just interested. Loved these movies.)
  15. Tretiak is right up there too, if we're talking Soviets. It's such a subjective question though, based on when you grew up, who your idols were...what position you played or had a fondness for. I always played goalie, so I gravitated that way. As far as the classics? Yeah, Gretzky definitely. Orr. Howe. Richard. For me, man, despite my Caps playing against him for so many years, I'd love a Hasek Sabres "Buffalo Head" black jersey. Loved those jerseys growing up, and dang was he good in his prime. Nothing like him (at least, to a 12-year old me, anyway).
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