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  1. I would echo what LAK74 has said. Have you tried contacting the NHL Shop? It's possible they will correct it (no idea as I've never personally dealt with them on this stuff), and that would ensure that the colors and materials match up well. It also, of course, reduces the extra costs you'd have to pay.
  2. Here's a close up of the jersey he wore: Looks like a 2.0 to me, but I have poor eyes.
  3. Um... Yandle doesn't even kill penalties on his NHL team. He starts in the offensive zone a ton and faces weak competition. He's pretty overrated. Suter is easily the best American defenseman.
  4. I was about to comment on how I really like that font. I don't like the front of that jersey still, but the back looks good.
  5. That's my point. It doesn't matter if they lose you for one game. You'll watch 82 other Rangers games and playoffs. You'll buy merchandise (jerseys, at least, I assume). Possibly tickets. Maybe television packages. And so on. If they can hook a group of hungover people on January 1 who don't watch hockey at all and get them interested, that's of way higher interest to the NHL.
  6. Dang. Looks like I'm too late, then. That jersey borders on so ridiculous that I want it territory.
  7. That is awesome. Is that a blank team issue, retail authentic, or replica? I can't tell. Where did she get it from? I only saw the game worns were sold.
  8. The Winter Classic isn't really an event targeting diehard hockey fans, though. It's trying to sell to casual hockey fans who may recognize Ovechkin/Crosby/etc or people who don't know hockey at all. If you watch hockey religiously already, they don't need to cater to your needs and wants. They've already got you. Events like this are supposed to be eye-catching and selling Crosby as the best player in the game or Ovechkin as the most exciting scorer is a lot more of a hook than a defensively sound 1-3-1 system.
  9. That Blackhawks jersey is atrocious. The shiny crest... yuck.
  10. I am aware that it happens occasionally. My point still remains -- why would they target just a small portion of eBay sellers who collectively have very few jerseys and don't influence the market? Why wouldn't they try to rid themselves of actual competition volume by going after any number of people who sell on a much larger scale? Occam's razor suggests that it's simply incompetence and not some clever scheme to make themselves more profitable.
  11. Has this happened to more than one person? If that was the real motive, wouldn't they target larger scale operations? I highly doubt that's the rationale.
  12. Awesome Landeskog jersey, foppa! Love seeing more CHL stuff on here.
  13. This is hilarious, at least. I got a good chuckle out of this.
  14. Some nice pickups here lately. In particular, I love that MacKinnon addition. Having the stick, jersey, and photo together should make for an awesome trio.
  15. Sweet Hendricks jersey, Brandon. I agree that the black looks sharp on the camo.
  16. To be clear, the above image is another estimation -- not official.
  17. Very cool pick up. Did you get it from Laforest himself?
  18. FYI, Photo File is offering 20% off today (Dec 2) still for Thanksgiving. I just picked up a number of photos for a good price.
  19. As oxbo1690 said, MeiGray will take off 40% when you place the order. Right now there appear to be three (Set 1, 2, 3) burgundy Stastny jerseys with a list price $595 that will come down to $357 with the sale. All have the 'A' on the front as well. Just know that the holiday sale ends on Friday, December 20 at which time they'll go back to full price.
  20. Some potential options from jersey companies: Jamie Benn: $597 ($995 - 40% off, MeiGray) Paul Stastny: $357 ($595 - 40% off, MeiGray) Alex Steen: $675 (Detroit Hockey Co.) For a little more, you can get Vanek ($900) from the Islanders website or Spezza ($897) from MeiGray. I'm sure there are other solid options from these companies, as well as others from individuals.
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