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  1. Am I correct in thinking that multiple users on the boards have bought from him online with no problem? (He's the guy with the Wild thirds, right? ) It seems like nobody has had an issue with his eBay stuff and the worst that could be said about him is he doesn't necessarily respond to messages about working offline deals/volume discounts. Frankly, there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, changing the price on an in-person transaction is questionable. I wouldn't personally do it, but as long as it's still his item, he can really do what he wants. The buyer isn't obligated to buy at that point e
  2. That Spezza is awesome. Great looking jersey.
  3. Just went back and looked at the picture again... whoosh on my part on the original comment.
  4. That's correct. The men didn't qualify, but the women did, which is probably why women are pictured in the jerseys.
  5. LAK74 nailed it. To add a bit on, since your jerseys are new with tags, another way you can easily discern the difference between your jerseys is the codes they use. You'll notice on the tags that the numbers are slightly different. The code for 2.0 jerseys is 7287 while the 1.0 code is 7187. Thus, on your 2.0 (the 58+) sleeve tag, the code reads M7287... On your 1.0 (the 58), it reads M7187... For some reason, Reebok never changed the code on the neck tags, so they all read 7187 regardless of whether it's a 1.0 or 2.0.
  6. The Lemieux looks fake to me. The fight strap twill doesn't look wide enough.
  7. Glad the jersey arrived for you today, mds0020! He's a great new addition to the community and I recommend working with him. Welcome again!
  8. I don't think there is a "normal" necessarily. Anything from a few weeks for easier stuff for them to do during a non-busy time (e.g., current Caps/Devils) to 3-4 months on the long end for more complicated jerseys or during busy season is normal. You can shoot them an e-mail and ask.
  9. ...and now I want like six of those jerseys.
  10. Love seeing NCAA jerseys, Guam. Are you going to put anyone on the Spiders? Langway being the obvious guess... And that patched Lindros, wow! Great pick up, Rob.
  11. With your current jerseys (i.e., Crosby, Sekera), they're both fine to use in the ranges I mentioned. Authentic Edge jerseys come with the aforementioned by SnakeOiler12 "born on" sticker. This technically tells you when the jersey was manufactured, but there's no reason an Edge 2.0 made in 2011-2012 couldn't be used for this 2013-14 season as long as the team's jersey didn't change. The jersey would be identical whether it was made in 2012 or 2014. With premiers, as you've learned, it's a range. With some of the older CCM jerseys, you can get into smaller differences that help to pinpoint m
  12. The only difference there may be is the Reebok tag on the back of the neck. It either looks like the top logo (vector) or the bottom one (wordmark): NHL teams transitioned from the vector logo to the Reebok wordmark for the start of the 2011-12 season. They still wear it currently, so McNabb's #44 would be a wordmark jersey. Assuming the Sekera jersey was from '11-'12 or '12-'13, you should be fine as the Reebok logos would match up. If the Sekera jersey is older and from the '10-'11 season or earlier, a time when he was still wearing #44 in Buffalo, then the jersey may have the old Vector
  13. Thanks, guam. I thought I saw some stitch marks there, but I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks with me. Even before this confirmation, I thought the jersey was 100% the real thing. Unless there is someone who moved to Klima's area, created an eBay account years ago in anticipation of this big moment, and is finally ready for the Petr Klima alumni game jersey long con...
  14. Okay, I am actually going to revise my previous thinking entirely. Looking at that previous Duchesne picture, it was unclear that there is a fight strap. Well, behold this new finding that clearly shows Duchesne has a fight strap: With that confirmed, take a look at this post-game picture of Duchesne's jersey that we know has a fight strap: Frankly, it really hard to tell it's there at all. My new hypothesis is still that the jersey is being sold by his family (hence the offer to have it signed or not) but that it actually does have a fight strap, it just didn't pick up well in the photo
  15. At least some of the alumni jerseys certainly had fight straps. Here are a couple of definitive examples: Other pictures for other players are certainly less conclusive: We know that SOME of the Red Wings alumni game jerseys certainly had fight straps. As of now, I haven't seen conclusive evidence that all did, nor anything that shows Klima's jersey did (or did not). I can't find a good picture of his jersey though. Best shot I can find of Klima at the moment:
  16. Looks legit. Item is from Bloomfield Hills, MI which is around where Klima lives. Also note the user name (jklima27, an eBay member since 2009 apparently). Google finds that his daughter's name starts with a J. The only other item the user is selling is Klima's golf bag. I'd guess this is his daughter selling for him.
  17. I would have guessed mid-80s based on the tag, but that's pre-Chevy logo -- so I have no idea. LAK74 probably knows better than I do in this area though.
  18. Upon second look, that particular card I linked may be a mock up. There are definitely real cards out there with two Crosby signatures. They're easy to spot on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-11-THE-CUP-DUAL-ENSHRINEMENTS-SIDNEY-CROSBY-DUAL-AUTO-11-35-/141007678798?pt=US_Hockey_Trading_Cards&hash=item20d4b66d4e http://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-11-UD-SP-Authentic-Sign-Of-The-Times-2-Sidney-Crosby-Dual-Auto-ST2-SD-/151204083227?pt=US_Hockey_Trading_Cards&hash=item233477361b
  19. What is the mystery? Looks like a regular replica jersey to me... I think it would be from around 1992-94, but someone else may be able to chime in with better info.
  20. I believe your friend is wrong. Merchandise revenue either goes to the NHL (and goes through revenue sharing) or directly to the team depending on the type of sale. Crosby wouldn't be entitled to profits from his jersey sales. He can (and probably does) charge more for autograph signings, appearances, and such, but official NHL merchandise isn't his domain. One weird Crosby quirk that I have heard is that he doesn't sign generally hockey cards with other players. At least as of June 2012, the only players he had signed with on a card were Gretzky in his rookie season and just five total cards
  21. If we're talking about non-game worn jerseys (which, in the case of your personal collections, it sounds like we are), then a lot of times there is simply going to be a range. In recent years, for example, the difference between the Wordmark and Vector logo would help to differentiate a range if the team's actual jersey hasn't changed. In authentics, the difference between a 1.0 and 2.0 could also help to narrow a range, but you wouldn't have that criterion with a premier. In older jerseys, things like the rear hem tagging, jersey manufacturer, patches, neck tags, customization, and such can h
  22. Did Dallas ever wear that black jersey without a front number? I'm not sure, but it looks strange without it. As for the white Modano, I agree that it looks funny. To me, the front number looks relatively proportional to the DALLAS script across the front. However, the front text just looks abnormally small to me. It could be the size of the jersey or camera playing tricks with my eyes. I could also be totally off base -- Dallas jerseys certainly are not in my wheel house. Most likely explanation is that the premier jerseys have different sized cresting on the front and thus the 9 is either a
  23. Jerseys are fine. They are not authentics, but real replicas. No issue with the seller. Most of the deal jerseys you've posted as simply real replicas of players who are no longer on that team -- a major reason for the deals.
  24. Jersey is an authentic Edge 1.0 but the customization is certainly wrong. It looks like they tried to approximate the early-90s Caps font, which is actually different from the Winter Classic font. There are inaccuracies on each number and across the nameplate. (Guam would also likely point out that it's a jersey foul since Greenlife52 is on it.)
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