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  1. Love the Gibson, but that's technically a foul, right?
  2. I don't think it was either. The bidding went too high for me, so I was out regardless. But I talked to the guy before and he said he's selling it because it was too big. That would explain why he bought a medium.
  3. I'm confused then. Are they saying they think it's a premier? An Edge 1.0? Or what? The front looks like air knit to me and it looks like a legit authentic jersey, which says 2.0 to me. Am I wrong?
  4. Depend who you ask. Plenty of people have 1.0 jerseys of a player that may have only worn it in 2.0. Some of the strictest of folk would find that a foul. I certainly have some 1.0 jerseys that should be 2.0s. Which jersey are you guys talking about?
  5. Look at the tag on the inside of the jersey. Here's a picture of one I just took as an example:
  6. FYI, if anyone is interested in that jersey and PMs me what they're thinking, I am happy to bow out if they're going to spend more than I am. I'm not here to drive the price up. I thought it might slip under the radar as it isn't well described and I could get it for cheap. I am not intending to bid a fortune on it.
  7. Well, there goes my high bid.
  8. Ironically, I did miss something then! I re-read and it all makes sense now.
  9. I didn't miss anything.
  10. Total beauty. You have more patience than I do, though...
  11. What email did you use to contact them? They might get the picture if a couple more people chime in with it being a fake...
  12. Despite a ton of great jerseys, bb83 stole the show with the post of the day. Also, somewhat sad to see a Bondra stripped, even if it's totally wrong. What monster made that?
  13. They made Quick and Blake jerseys? Talk about a cash grab...
  14. Bobcat1988


    Under 25 posts, wrong forum, and the aforementioned silly price. Awesome.
  15. Yowza at those prices. I think Alfie's may have been the best "deal" of the bunch.
  16. Nice USA jersey! I had wanted to bid on some of the stuff in that auction but forgot at the end... whoops. Also, I used to own a jersey with that funky clasp, but it's been a while since I've seen one.
  17. I was thinking about it as well, but it got too rich for me at the end.
  18. I can't be the only one who was expecting that Caps jersey to say Stevens on the back... Very sweet jersey though, Nathan! Is it game worn? That's a nice looking kit! I am on the fence about getting an Olympics jersey. How much does EPS charge for kits?
  19. Somebody got it for $72.65 shipped. That's definitely a deal in my mind.
  20. Solid list of players who could go on that, too. Yandle, Byfuglien, Callahan, Fleischmann, and Halak are probably the headliners.
  21. Do you have a connection to the Preds or are you just incredibly lucky? It seems like you're getting a free stick every week...
  22. Legit replica jerseys. Nameplate material (at least on the red jersey) looks wrong to me though. I can't speak to the accuracy of the customization with certainty, but it looks relatively close. I don't think it's a slam dunk match though.
  23. Any of our resident IIHF jersey collectors have any idea if retail Japan jerseys are likely to hit the market? Or how they handle game worns? I realize the likely answer is that neither will be readily available, but worth an ask...
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