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  1. I believe they do. I've never ordered just kits nor am I in Canada. Email Josh and he'll be able to tell you.
  2. Holy crap that Scuderi is hideous. Cool jersey, but hideous!
  3. I would try EPS. I saw they posted a similar jersey recently. I don't know if it's accurate customization, but they're probably a solid bet.
  4. The Alfredsson and Iginla are phenomenal. The photomatch of Iggy back in Calgary only adds to it.
  5. Fun fact I just researched upon being shocked that Janney never made an All Star game: Craig Janney has the most points in a single season (106) of any player to never be named to an All Star Game or 1st/2nd/3rd NHL All-Star Team. Bob MacMillan (108 points), Guy Chouinard (107), and Hakan Loob (106) are the only other players with 106+ points in a season to never make an All Star Game, but they were all named to top-3 NHL All-Star teams. Jacques Richard (103 points), Joe Juneau (102), and Nicklas Backstrom (101) are the only other guys with over 100 points in a season to not make an All Star
  6. Awesome Janney. Have you been able to photomatch it?
  7. Thanks for the link! I guess I won't be able to buy from them directly since they're only based in Canada, but it gives me a good frame of reference if/when I look to frame some stuff. I can't wait to put some $350 jerseys in $250 frames!
  8. Those are nice looking frames. I like that you don't need to pin the jerseys down. Do you know if those frames have a product name/number or anything like that? I may be interested in something like that down the line...
  9. Patch on that Bondra is definitely a repro.
  10. That B-Sens jersey is sweet. I don't think I've ever seen that one before.
  11. Love the Faulk, guam! That's a total beauty. Glad you finally got it. Faulk's bleached hair (IIRC, the whole team did it?) and mustache are hilarious as well.
  12. Bump. (Bondra, Alzner, and Fedorov are sold.) If you see it, it's available.
  13. If you go with #5, make sure you spell his name right.
  14. I am 99% sure you're getting a former MAINEiacs player. Good choice.
  15. Nice to get the Calder winner's jersey before he even finishes his first season. Amazing jersey.
  16. I've seen nameplates that had adhesive behind it and some with nothing but the stitching. If the name you're planning to add is the same length or longer, it shouldn't be a huge deal either way. Otherwise, it may depend on the customizer/team.
  17. The only negative feedback I have ever received on eBay in over a decade was from a buyer who complained that a game used item (well photographed, no less) had too much wear.
  18. First result when you search "ER hockey" on google.
  19. I couldn't be more thrilled to see the example picture you chose. The front of the jersey certainly looks cluttered, especially with the massive crest, but at the same time it's awesome.
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