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  1. I'm interested in seeing any Brown University jerseys that might be for sale. And from the extremely unlikely department, I'm interested in seeing any Bowdoin College jerseys.
  2. That Rinne and Weber are gorgeous.
  3. The home white nameplate is airknit, while the road black is Edge material.
  4. 2010-11 Lewiston MAINEiacs game used Jonathan Parisien and Francis Beauvillier
  5. What was the 9 jersey lot? I must have missed that, too. Anyone have a link?
  6. Thanks for the help. Relatively new to jerseys... how big of a faux pas would it be to take an 06-07 model jersey and customize it to a player who played on that team another year? For example, I was thinking of making one of the Sens jerseys a Bondra. Looking at photos of Bondra in the Sens jersey, it appears to be the same style more or less, but I guess the materials may be different? Not sure exactly yet on the exact differences...
  7. A question about the jerseys on the Meigray clearance... What year(s) would the airknit/6100s have been used? I'm looking at a couple of the jerseys (Kings, Predators, Blues) and wondering for customization purposes to make sure the players I want were actually playing then. Thanks in advance.
  8. Related to this topic, does anyone have any recommendations for a company that customizes 96-97 Caps white jerseys well?
  9. If you find a place to get MAINEiacs edge jerseys, let me know. I've been looking for months.
  10. I am looking for a game-used or authentic Lewiston MAINEiacs (QMJHL) jersey. In terms of year, the more recent, the better. My optimal target would be what they wore in 2010-11 as pictured below (either one).
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