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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who loves those Armada jersey. I'm trying to move away from authentics, but those are so cheap and I've thought they were awesome since they first came out. I am on the fence about getting one, but I can't decide which color looks better or if I really want one and then the hassle of getting it properly customized...
  2. Love the jersey and love the photomatch. Just as an fyi though, Bjorkstrand was actually a 3rd rounder and not part of that class of first rounders who I really like (Wennberg, Rychel, and Dano).
  3. Jesus, slim, every jersey you just posted is awesome. I love that each one has a patch or something unique about it (e.g., Gunzo's stamp).
  4. I would bet that Suter is not in that collection yet by choice!
  5. Yeah, unfortunately. Gonna sell my tattoo equipment to buy a sewing machine so I can put it back together, though.
  6. I am drooling over that Carlson set up. Where did you get a high-res photo printed?
  7. A lot of great jerseys posted recently, but that Granlund is getting no love! That thing is sweet.
  8. Use away. That's the front of an authentic Caps jersey crest. For reference:
  9. For what it's worth, it took me a handful of calls to get through to someone, but when I did, the process went smoothly. Happily picked up two jerseys from them a while ago.
  10. I was going to comment that Cliche used to be a Maineiac, but you're obviously aware. Nice pick up!
  11. This is exactly why teams use the velcro. It's pretty easy to number one jersey with the draft year and make up 10 nameplates with velcro backs that you can just throw on the jersey depending on who you get.
  12. That Murray is sweet. Definitely a unique jersey.
  13. I gotta say, all of the top-ten jerseys are pretty darn cool. If the Caps didn't join the PGA this year, I would have strongly considered this.
  14. I cannot confirm if UMaine currently uses Cutting Edge Sports, but they definitely did at one point. If they claim they do the current ones, I'd have no reason to doubt them.
  15. Awesome video to go along with your jersey. I had forgotten May was still around in 2009. Edit with a fun fact: That was May's penultimate NHL fight in a long, long list of them.
  16. What team/customizer are you talking about?
  17. Sick Kariya jersey. He used to be one of my favorite players.
  18. Backes was the highest white jersey at $2,820. Martin at $1,000 was the lowest game worn white. Parise's throwback went for a high of $4,760, easily the priciest item of the night. The throwbacks worn by Backes and Oshie were the only other jerseys to even top three grand at $3,020 each. Kesler and Wheeler's throwbacks were the cheapest game worn jerseys at $980 and $975 respectively.
  19. The Stepan retro was actually game worn. (Pacioretty was the forward scratch in the throwback game.) It was the Stepan white jersey that was game issued and went for under a grand. With the exception of the Quick GI throwback (ridiculous price), the game issued jerseys were all the lowest price among their style.
  20. Congrats. That Kesler was the steal of the night in my opinion.
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