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  1. Please PM me with any interest to make sure that I get notification of your message. Brown University: $150 - Francis Drolet - game worn - size 54 $75 - Harry Zolnierczyk - authentic - size 54 Team USA: $400 - Connor Carrick - game worn (WJC) - size 56 Sweden: $125 - Tyler Arnason (Brynas IF Gavle) - game worn - size 54
  2. Here's a link to the thread. I don't know why, but the title stuck with me so it was easy to retrieve.
  3. It is authentic. Not sure about customization -- a resident Philly fan will have to chime in on that aspect.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Anyone know what the going rate off eBay was for one of these?
  5. Has anyone inquired to him about his ability to get any more Caps Winter Classic jerseys? All he has had in stock on eBay for a month or so now are size 46/60. Also, did anyone get an off-eBay deal from him on a Caps Winter Classic jersey?
  6. Mike is easy to work with -- love doing deals with him.
  7. They do Rangers jerseys. Many of the resident Rangers fans on this board have dealt with them -- try reaching out to one of them. If you search threads for Arena Wear (they're often mentioned), you can find people who have dealt with them. This thread, for example, may help steer you towards the right people.
  8. Could you be wearing any more jerseys?
  9. Looks like a worse Princeton alternate jersey to me.
  10. NFL basically already does this. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/09/sports/football/personalizing-jerseys-of-top-nfl-picks-is-a-race-against-the-clock.html?_r=0
  11. That Bourdon jersey... geez, can't be many of those.
  12. Awesome jerseys. Love the Barkov, Johansen, and the great OT winner jerseys particular.
  13. A ton of jerseys from Sochi have been auctioned in the past few months. Lots of the auctions have some pretty solid pictures you could use as a resource. For example: http://www.classicauctions.net/Default.aspx?tabid=266&auctionid=78&op=viewcat&catid=2 http://auctions.nhl.com/iSynApp/auctionDisplay.action?auctionId=117335 http://auction.nhl.com/iSynApp/auctionDisplay.action?auctionId=121912
  14. That Giguere is awesome. Very nice addition.
  15. Legendary NYI/WSH defenseman Milan Jurcina and Jack Hillen. Or Nielsen/Okposo if you can't handle the awesomeness of the former two.
  16. Usually you'll get crazy quotes from sites like that, in the range of a few hundred to a grand or so. Your mileage may vary though.
  17. High end: Lundqvist $25,000 St. Louis $10,000 Nash $7,750 McDonagh $6,500 Kreider $5,000 Richards $5,000
  18. Thanks for the tip. I was able to snag a '09-'10 version Nats jersey for $25. Who do people use to customize baseball jerseys? EPS?
  19. I know next to nothing about MLB jerseys... Are the jerseys that the seller claims are authentic the real deal? As in, what is worn on the field? Or are there tiers of authentics in baseball a la Edge 2.0/Edge 1.0 and such? Why are these jerseys going for under $50? This seems like a steal.
  20. I don't have any definitive knowledge on a source, but I would try contacting the London Knights team store. I know in 2012 both Saint John (QMJHL champ) and Shawinigan (host) were selling that year's Memorial Cup patch when I picked one up. I don't see the patches listed on the Knights' store right now, but it's possible they have them. London was not only the host, but also appears to have the largest online shop presence of any of the 2014 Memorial Cup participants. According to their website, the operating hours and contact information for London's team store are as follows: Monday - Fri
  21. I call total shenanigans. Unless he thought you said Marchand.
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