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  1. No big difference in the material itself.
  2. Kuzy 21/22 preseason (he switched from 58 to 56 after PS). 3 sleeve repairs
  3. Forgot about this Sprong GI I bought last summer. Set tags were removed.
  4. Or he's having trouble finding the right size. He went down from 58 to 56 a season later
  5. My latest arrivals: Marcus Johansson 17/18 set 1. Jersey has three fight straps Eddie Lack 18/19 PS/back-up. Sold as back-up jersey, photomatched in PS games and warm-up against SC Bern Miles Wood 19/20 Heritage jersey. One game wonder David Koci 09/10 set 2. Reinforced collar, photomatched in fight against McGrattan Max Lagace 19/20 PS Mark Eaton WC 2008 GI
  6. Indeed..and thanks! And I thought I was done with buying jerseys for the next months, because nothing could top this jersey. So I bought a another jersey today
  7. Chicago Blackhawks Brian Campbell 'Helsinki' set 09/10 season I hate the term grail, but this is my grail! Went to my first Blackhawks game at the NHL Premiere 2009 Series in Helsinki, Finland and took pictures with GM Rocky Wirtz, Patrick Sharp and Brian Campbell the day before the game. So after twelve years I not only have a Hawks jersey from my first Hawks game, but also the jersey that Campbell wore when I took a picture with him. I now also have both home/away jerseys from both teams for these games in Helsinki, because I already had both Panthers jerseys and t
  8. I already was fed up with selling on ebay and now I'm also kinda fed up with selling on FB. All those tire kickers! With their requests and questions and stories and they never buy anything.
  9. Daniel Sprong 2020/2021 set 2
  10. Bump: Bryzgalov, Gazdic, Sharp, Toivonen added.
  11. Bruins Charlie Coyle 20/21. Nice wear and repairs
  12. Daniel Sprong set 1 20/21 Bit disappointed that he only played a few games in this jersey (set 1 was used for a month, the Caps also used the third and reverse retro jerseys for home games and Sprong was scratched for a number of games), but some nice repairs above the hem of the sleeves.
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