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  1. is the lack of a decent color match on the navy name and number for the back of Columbus' white jersey?
  2. You obviously failed to read the first post of this thread... It is a new type of airknit, first reported last June.
  3. Enjoy! Can you say "Indo-Adi"? https://t.co/uLEvYwSRjm?amp=1
  4. I use my Facebook account...freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Hawks jerseys... https://twitter.com/BrianSandalow/status/878380142212431872/photo/1 You can see on the red how details SHOULD matter, but certainly don't. The shoulder panel should be cut square so that dimples don't disappear into the stitching areas.
  6. By now, we've all seen the photos, however, I'm here in Vegas and got right up to the jersey. Only problem, my phone died. In short, the body and sleeves are all a new air-knit material. There's a pattern to it, however, no holes like the air-knit used on the previous EDGE 2.0. I think the durability on these panels is going to be just fine. On the shoulders, I don't even know how to describe the material. It is embossed, doubleknit type but softer, felt like it was padded or the was some type of lamination on the backside. I honestly couldn't tell. The mesh used is going to be
  7. Going by the pics, that's the way it is done.
  8. Could be right, however, this is more noticeable on the NJD jersey where the inner part of the crest is actually cut top to bottom, thus the embossed pattern in the material is running against the jersey panel's embossed pattern.
  9. Upon taking a closer look you'll see that the crest on the LA jersey is very interesting. You have the outer border white that is twill with the silver glitter merrow stitch, but then the inter part of the crest is the jersey panel itself. You can also see how the "crown" sits ON TOP of the fabric and appears to be sewn down... ANA ARI BOS BUF CAL CAR COL = can really see how the embroidery sits ON TOP of the jersey fabric and the maroon inner part of the crest. CMB = you can see how they used the jersey material with the red on the inner part of t
  10. QFT! It's been my thought all along. Remember, they did this before with little to no input from the players. Wouldn't be shocked for that to be the case again...
  11. Front. Reebok made those available to customizers at the cost of $45/yard.
  12. Assuming we're talking about 1.0 material, that was because of what CCM/Reebok was charging for it. I found THE EXACT FABRIC for 80% less.
  13. I've had several NHL teams tell me that when they saw their reveal back in December, the practice jerseys had a fully sublimated front panel. One of the problems with 1.0 were the massive amounts of jersey repairs being made due to poor abrasion. Air-knit "solved" that, but, I see this move to be similar to what adidas does for their soccer teams by offering one product for field/on-ice play and retail sell. This is called making the jersey CHEAPER! Think about it..."we cut the (cheap) jersey fabric to use in the logo in place of the (more expensive) twill to provide a bet
  14. For those two teams, yes, all others, no. I think every team is able to get a jersey from their customizer, even on weekends. Speaking for myself, I became a "known shipper" with TSA and a few airlines, specifically to avoid problems in getting teams product on a Saturday or Sunday. Worst case, it goes on an airplane and a courier picks it up and takes it the rest of the way.
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