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  1. Cheaper materials and lower labor cost is what they save on Indos. Time and procedures are basically the same. Id be happy if they at least used the same materials and templates and have retail still done in Indonesia. The they would be worth $180 blank at least. My biggest gripe of all is how they turned the retail indo into a fashion style jersey. The cut is nothing like the MICs. If anything they look hot as a short dress on a woman.
  2. The bigger the better. Ever see a player after a game without pads and their jersey back on? There ya go. Jerseys arent a fashion item. They fit how they fit. Toss on a hoodie underneath and rock it. Cheers
  3. When your authentics rarely see the light of day and you wear cheapies to change the oil in your car.
  4. Awesome. Jerseys are MEANT to be worn. I don't care how old this post is but I find absolutely no enjoyment just looking at a collection. Very weird. Exception being autographed jerseys. Wear the pits outta them bad boys. Cheers
  5. Nice jersey. The MIC's are definately much higher quality. I have a few myself. I just dont like them for everyday wear because of the doubled elbows. The Indos have much more comfortable sleeves to wear around. My MICs are pretty much just collectables. If i walked around with elbow pads it would be a little different. Any way I much prefer the reebok 6100 and Edge 2.0. Thats mainly what I collect. Im up to 347 jerseys and my wife has 320 something...lmfao. ADDICTION ST ITS FINEST. CHEERS
  6. Hope this shows something revealing. I bought this Islanders Jersey used. Its 91 Tavares so its goes back a little. Its a nice heavy sweater. Nothing cheap about it. Its a retail authentic not player authentic. Even cheap Arse knockoffs dont come this big. Even xxxl doesnt have sleaves this long. Im going to hem them up and wear it with a hoodie but if you can tell by the tag let me know. Could it be a goalie cut???. Even though Tavares isnt a goalie...lol...Thanks
  7. I Bought Reebok CCM 7187A authentic size 48. It is absolutely huge. Sleeves from pit to cuff are 26 1/2 inches. Shoulders are 27 inches and full length from collar to end of back is 32 inches. What gives. Its definately the real deal. Nice heavy sweater, perferct embroidery. What gives with the size. The tag says 48. It hasn't been restitched with a different tag. I cant find a sweater this big from any manufacturers anywhere. I mean Chara could wear this thing. But it says 48. What gives? Factory screw up?
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