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  1. This is really helpful and thanks for taking the time to explain it all.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I guess what I meant is is it a player issue or a replica. Thought maybe with the NHL player logo on the collar and the quality of the number print it may have been match worn or something. I’ve looked a lots of pics of these shirts and the numbering on most seems to be stitched then pressed on. This is a bit different and was kind of hoping it would be worth something. Thanks for your help
  3. I was wondering if anyone could help date and hopefully confirm the authenticity of a NYR hockey shirt I’ve managed to come by. Has name and numbers plus the A letter on front. These are pressed on not sewn. They seem really well stuck down and not a cheap copy. The Liberty lady and badges are sewn but pressed down also. It seems legit to me but Any advice would be really appreciated
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