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  1. Another day, another grail purchase for me
  2. one of my grails arrived. So happy. Thanks Keener for the excellent job as always
  3. Hi again everyone, Does anyone have an idea of the jerseys the Flames wore in the 87-88 season? I know it’s likely CCM but wondering what the CCM logo looked like at the bottom of the jersey. Thanks again
  4. I’m basically a 42 so it doesn’t flare out at all. It’s a tighter fit, but it works. I honestly loved the look of the jersey indo and all. I figured I’d get Suzuki because I like him a lot as a player. I have a lot of Price and Roy so why not get a player haha
  5. Hi guys, in comparison to the Reebok Edge 2.0 how do the 1998 Team Canada jerseys compare in terms of fit? I found a sz 48-R and wondering how it fits? Is a 48 the smallest size available? Thanks again
  6. I messaged NSJ. No response on messenger or text. I mean he’s here in Calgary so it’d be cheaper for me. Hopefully he responds
  7. Thanks so much. I didn’t realize that at all. I really appreciate the help
  8. Looking for the following: Patrick Roy Canadiens early 90's CCM Authentic sz 44 Home/Away or Blank Flames early 90's CCM Authentic sz 44 Home/Away Blank Any Authentic late 90's Avs jersey sz 44 blank or with Roy on back Maple Leafs CCM Authentic early 90's sz 44 blank home/away
  9. Parksade

    eBay version 4.0

    Thanks. I ended up getting a home Pens blank 44 and a centennial patch for a lot cheaper. I’ll get it sent to Keener.
  10. Parksade

    eBay version 4.0

    I wasn't going to buy, but was curious about the jersey itself. I was going to buy a blank as the price is pretty good. Also, has anyone dealt with the seller, Dinglebears? His prices seem expensive, but does he take reasonable offers or am I SOL?
  11. Parksade

    eBay version 4.0

    https://www.ebay.ca/itm/184637869157 Is this legit? Price seems too good to be true
  12. Parksade

    eBay version 4.0

    I'll probably go Keener in the end since I went on their site and while expensive, will pay as long as they do good work. Being that it's a Habs jersey, I don't see a huge issue. I also messaged the NSJ guy, to see if he'll respond to a local customer any quicker. I doubt it but worth a try. Thanks again everyone for your help. I'm really learning a lot about the jersey customization world and it's been helpful reading through other threads
  13. Parksade

    eBay version 4.0

    Thanks so much. I’m looking for a CCM Roy early 90’s Cup year run in sz 44. I’m in Calgary but never heard of North Star. Is there a contact number for him?
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