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  1. All I am saying is that, when dealing with North Star and Josh, getting a tracking number is in question. I can confirm this from personal experience with him.
  2. Van67 - Good idea to ask for a tracking number. Going from personal experience, if you don't get a tracking number right away, insist on it. Could you please let us know how this progresses, as it will probably affect what I do regarding my order?
  3. Yes, I believe you are correct, I think it's just him. And I think he also has another full-time job. I dunno, maybe part of it is that he is very particular about making sure that the customizations he does are 100% accurate (which you can see examples of on his Instagram). If he is getting swamped, or if another job is taking more of his time, which I think at least one of is true, I feel for him. That's what I mean about not knowing how to handle it, I don't want to be a raving jerk about it, but I would like to get my jerseys back.
  4. Regarding North Star jerseys, I have also had some issues communicating with Josh, and I am getting a little worried about it. I'm not going to go into the details, but I have had a large jersey order with him for over a year. I understand that it takes quite a while with any company that does customization, especially a large order. For the most part, he's been very good about returning emails. When he doesn't within a week, I resend the email, and he replies. The last time I tired emailing him was about a month ago, and he did respond, 'I will have your stuff to you prior to Christmas,
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