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  1. Love the Wild and Avalanche. Not sure what the Stars and Red Wings were thinking. Both really boring.
  2. They are in my sig but figured I would update my want list here. Any leads would be appreciated. 91-92 Devils Road Xmas size 52 Authentic 1995 Stanley Cup finals Patch
  3. Happy to see my boy Greene move on.
  4. No problem. We all get overtaxed as it is. I will take a Flyers loss tonight as enough payment.
  5. Great additions. Both look to be in great shape!
  6. Not to get your hopes up but that's exactly what happened to me. I told them the entire state of NJ is exempt from tax on clothing so they forwarded it to their tax dept. Took about a week to get back to me.
  7. I believe eBay has a blanket policy on charging state tax no matter the local laws. So it might be best to ask and they will send it to their tax division. The way I checked was I added a jersey to my cart on Dicks Sporting Goods and saw they did not charge me tax so thats why I inquired with ebay. If DSG charges in your state then I would say there would be no reason to check with eBay.
  8. They didnt give me why but looking over the code I would say the part that says "Sport or Recreational Clothing.... Articles that can be adapted for general use not exclusively connected with a sporting activity are exempt from tax." I know Meigray charges tax so I am not sure if game worn applies. Doesnt hurt to ask though.
  9. If you live in a state that doesnt charge tax on clothing, contact ebay and you should get your taxes refunded to you. I live in NJ, had all packages delivered here, and got charged. I contacted ebay through their chat a couple weeks ago after reading on reddit that someone was successful challenging their policy, and on Friday saw all refunds in my paypal account going back to 2019. You just need to gather all the order numbers.
  10. Thanks. I wasn't actively looking. It sort of just fell in my lap but since it was a 48, I had to get it to complete the set.
  11. Received these back from EPS on Friday. Picked this one up last week as a Gomez and stripped it. Has a little more cleaning to do but will most likely make it a Niedermayer. I haven't seen a size 48 in a very long time for sale so I was thrilled to find it.
  12. Love it. As much as I like the Devils consistent jersey design (it makes collecting much less expensive), I also wish Lamoriello had allowed some creative designs or alts like this one.
  13. Looking for an authentic 1995 SCF patch or a better reproduction then what is on ebay.
  14. Looking for a Devils big block with shield away xmas. Size 48-52. Blank or ultimate would be a Stevens but would also consider other customizations.
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