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  1. Can anybody please help me? I‘d need different informations about Starter replicas. When did they start selling them? I think Colorado was the first team wearing Starter in 95-96! But did they also produce other teams in that season although they were wearing CCM on ice? Were there Starter pre-lettered jerseys out without nameplate (just stiched directly on the jersey) available? Thanks for your help & SORRY for my poor English!
  2. I will 👍 My jersey is already on it‘s way to Canada 😉...
  3. Thank you very much!! So I‘ll take Sundin! Existing GIs in size 58 is enough authenticity for me 😉!
  4. Because of the last post here (regarding authenticity): I‘m also very picky and would like to know: Which size had Mats Sundin in his last Leafs season (first half - Reebok 1.0)? I still have a blanko TML Edge 1.0 size 58 und want to have it finally customized and Sundin would be my #1 choice! But I‘m affraid he was wearing minimum 58+ because of the small 1.0s.... There are many Toronto fans here so I have hope to get some help! Searching the web didn‘t help: The only GW-jerseys I could find were Pre-Edge Reeboks and of course CCMs...
  5. Or why so many of them are available in Germany now... Thanks for fast answer and all your information! It would be better for the enviroment if Adidas would start selling MICs cause jerseys with better quality will last longer.... But that doesn‘t money for them 😡
  6. Maybe it‘s not the right thread but my question is about Adidas Indos so I‘ve chosen this one... What‘s the difference between climalite and aeroready? Did they just change the name or do they use different material now? Maybe someone also knows the backround for this change.... Thank you!
  7. You mentioned the crest: It really depends on the team HOW bad they are done.... At least Fanatics jerseys have touched more NHL ice than Adidas Indos did 😄
  8. You are right! But don‘t see them as „jerseys“!!! For me they are team longsleeves (like Under Armour) with a jersey design and I like to use them for skating/rollerblading.... I won‘t buy them for 100! But if I find them cheap somewhere (<80) I have to admit I buy them from time to time... What bothered me most was the cheap design of the numbers/names and I have hope that this has changed....
  9. It was hard to find a thread regarding Fanatics jerseys and I know they are not very popular here... Nevertheless I hope someone can answer my question: Has Fanatics improved their customisation for this new season with sewn kits? Until last season these jerseys were only available with cheap heatpressed numbers/names and now I found some of them in a German shop (www.taass.com) with at least „look like“ sewn names/numbers....
  10. @: mdwsta4: Talking about Adidas MIC practice jerseys: If somebody‘s intrested you can also find them for 99$ (Canucks) or 89$ (Wild) at prostockhockey.com BTW: They also have great GI equipment and teamwear
  11. Thanks LAK74! This website is awesome!!
  12. It‘s a 19-20, Set3. So definitly not preaseason! Since Schlepprock’s posting I meanwhile believe that they do it on all their Adidas on-ice jersey...
  13. Thanks for your help and explanation! I didn‘t know that! The last Predators jersey I bought was 2003 ☺️... I‘m also a absolute beginner with Adidas MICs... That sublimated nameplate doesn‘t bother me anymore 😅 But I learned another detail how inauthentic Adidas Indos are produced (they all have stiched letters)... @thebiggoalie: Yes it has!
  14. First of alll: I wish everybody a happy and healthy new year! Maybe someone can help: I just received a GI jersey from the Preds (19-20 season) and I noticed that the nameplate is only screenprinted. Did I have just bad luck because my player (Holzer) was joining the team very late and the equipment manager had to rush or are these nameplates common for their GW/GI jerseys?
  15. @TMLFAN: WOW 🤩! I didn’t expect that... So nice to see that not everybody chooses players with a lot TOI/points... Caracter also matters!! @DJ Rhea: David Broll is playing in England/Europe? He could be a good replacement for Brandon Mashinter cause I think he’ll leave Ingolstadt for next season... I should call our GM 😉... We had 2 more players from the Leafs organisation playing for Ingolstadt in the closer past: Darryl Boyce (16-17) and Brett Findlay (19-20). Sorry I‘m getting off topic 😊...
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