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  1. Anyone out there have a navy Edge nameplate for a Rangers Heritage jersey? Would be happy to pay and/or I have a Rangers alternate captain "A" from Arena Wear I can throw in as a bonus.
  2. Not sure if you're still looking for that authentic 75th Anniversary patch but I was able to get my hands on one. I'm looking to trade it though for an authentic Stanley Cup 100th Centennial patch (French Version) if possible.
  3. That's still quicker than a bunch of the other customizers out there. Thanks for the heads up though.
  4. But if you line up the bottom of the numbers with the fight strap, then it does look it's set further to the right compared to the gamer.
  5. I'm in the group and read the comments. It seems like he's stuck to the story and let everyone else comment. One person did make an April Fools remark kidding around, even though this was first posted yesterday and not on 4/1. I think this was a joke personally.
  6. That's 100% the same jersey. That has to be a prank, no?
  7. Looks like a Michael Irvin mashup. J/k. It is a thing of beauty. Nice grab.
  8. I had a conversation with Jim from Sports Haven the other day and he told me that Adidas was changing the construction of the MiC's. I guess it could be for the environmentally material but it seems like it would be subtle. I would think it has to be the reason for the MiC dump into those stores. Would be nice if they eventually made their way towards the East Coast.
  9. Have to throw in some Gartner love too. That guy was a rocket on ice. I think he won fastest skater 3 times in the skills competition. Totally solid choice there.
  10. I saw some 708 area code call me so I thought my car warranty was expiring for the 347th time. I answered the phone in a British accent not thinking it could possibly be CSL but it was. Kind of felt like a schmuck when I switched back to my Brooklyn accent to give my cc number. Lol.
  11. Sent them a Hawks jersey last month. They got it on a Tuesday and shipped it out on Friday. Smoothest transaction I ever had with a customizer.
  12. I think the Adidas contract runs out at the end of the '23-'24 season, so hopefully whoever takes over after that will make their MiC's more available to avoid this....as well as hopefully the excess Adidas inventory will take up 3 racks at your local Ross for everyone to enjoy.
  13. That is pretty pricey. Only way to get them is at their convention no?...not including Facebook and eBay.
  14. Guilty as sin as well. Recently spent north of $400 each on an Adidas Islanders and Lightning gamer because of this. So almost $900 combined on two guys who've played 54 NHL games combined.
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