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  1. @PensJerseys There's a handful of users older than you
  2. I guess I should weigh in on what the plans are. As @PensJerseyssaid, the reddit and discord barely overlap anymore - the discord is much more detail-oriented and focused on the actual Authentic stuff. I swear, if I see one more gRAiL post about a Kings Indo-didas... Anyway. My plans for the forum (if I purchase it) would be to basically leave it as-is, very hands-off. This is obviously not my chosen form of media - the older forum format just doesn't appeal to me. That's not the point - I'd want to keep this alive for information and archiving at a bare minimum. At most, I might loo
  3. So maybe someone can clarify what's going on here. I picked this up, and everything looks good, right? Maybe not. The hawks wore PP in the 1999-2000 season...in which they also dropped the tan outline according to nhluniforms.com. It's also missing the pupil, which I think is kinda odd. So, anyone know why this would have a tan outline? Factory mistake? Jersey made before the manufacturer switch? More pics: https://imgur.com/a/6Ft3GCe
  4. Sounds about right. I know Customs is super slow right now with the whole COVID thing.
  5. A bunch of Flyers do. Giroux and Ghost definitely do.
  6. A guide on how to endear yourself to IJF: Step 1: Make an account Step 2: Tell everyone to go f*ck themselves Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit!
  7. We banned them on Reddit and Discord. Feels way too slimy, almost like getting a 60% off code from a stranger in a hotel.
  8. Well back on the actual topic of this thread. I don't post a ton of mail days, but I was really excited about this one - Pesce's 2016-17 Set 2 Home jersey. You can match up the repair on the sleeve to the photo...that I'm in. Really really special to me, I already hung it up on the wall. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMU1kKH
  9. Mans hasn't posted in 5 days, especially after @mdwsta4 handed him some truth
  10. "come fight me irl" is the ultimate keyboard warrior move. I am shook. Shooketh.
  11. You mean you're not sure about buying from "Hockey Jersey" in Czech Republic?
  12. @Devilsguy Yea, I had a guy lift my pics of a jersey to peddle his s*** fakes on letgo. But in your case, that's kinda weird. I wonder if it's more of a "documentation" kind of thing?
  13. As I was goofing around, I decided to take a look at NHL Auctions. This was a mistake, as there was only a day left on the bidding for Canes x Hornets warmup jerseys. Not wanting to make the same mistake of using the Reminders app for the ASG jerseys (in which it didn't remind me), I set multiple alerts for the end, and ended up with... Teuvo Teravainen's Canes x Hornets warmup jersey. https://www.flickr.com/photos/184032657@N07/sets/72157713385443481
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