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  1. 1988-87 Doug Wickenheiser. From his last season with the Blues. By far my favourite design.
  2. I would like to add a Calgary Flames Doug Gilmour jersey to my original 75th path.
  3. Bought it from someone on here, no idea where they got it from, though. They really do seem to pop up more often lately.
  4. Haven't checked this thread in a while. Some very nice pick-ups, especially the Hull. 1988-89 Cliff Ronning This jersey is absolutely hammered with wear. Unfortunately, the screenprinted nameplate has already started to peel. Still, very happy to have this now. 2019-20 Ryan O'Reilly MiC customized by Liebe. Although I'm not that big on modern jerseys, I'm very happy with this purchase. 1991-92 Pavel Bure
  5. I've been told that my order would ship next week. Unfortunately, that was in November and the last I have heard from Josh.
  6. I seem to be in the minority, but I don't see the appeal.
  7. Don't think I did. Might have to give it a go.
  8. Thanks! I think it was your post that made me look for one of his Blues gamers
  9. 2005-06 Scott Mellanby set 3. Since I haven't been able to locate one of his Blues gamers for a reasonable price, I figured I'd settle for the next best thing.
  10. I think that's @Biscuit In The Basket
  11. Nice one! Didn't really know Bozak before he joined the Blues, but I enjoy having him on the team. Nice guy and decent player.
  12. Sorry, that's North Star Jerseys in Calgary. No idea if there are differences, I haven't seen any of the anniversary jerseys up close yet.
  13. NSJ did an amazing job on mine, but it seems he's been MIA lately.
  14. Any Lightning fans here? https://www.ebay.com/itm/TAMPA-BAY-LIGHTNING-RYAN-CALLAHAN-GAME-USED-SANDALS-REEBOK-ZIGTECH-SIZE-10-5/274551227361?hash=item3fec8743e1:g:0ocAAOSwDIZfWP3L
  15. Oh boy, that's bad. Interesting that they quote benhsports on Reddit as the source for the Wild Wing.
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