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  1. Thanks fellas. I am eyeing a gamer right now with about 3 substantial puck marks on the sleeves. I'm trying to weigh my options for removing them before I decide if I want to drop the dough or not. Looking forward to giving that Amodex ink and stain remover a shot.
  2. So I read through the previous 5 pages of this thread, and it seems the general consensus is that pucks marks aren’t able to be removed. Is that correct?
  3. Picked up my first ever game used. Will most likely have it stripped and redone. Anyone have an idea on what the sewn in pocket at the back of the collar was used for?
  4. Yup, user error on the flickr upload. How about the 100 anniversary SC patch?
  5. These look like authentics to me, but would like some savy veteran input to confirm.
  6. Still looking for an original 2000 SC final patch. If anyone has one they would be willing to part with, please let me know.
  7. Looking for an original 2000 SCF patch, hoping someone here may have one available or can point me in the direction of one. All I see on the bay are replicas.
  8. Guess I need to get on the line with my north of the border brethren. ?
  9. Can anyone point me in the direction of a couple of 91 canada cup patches?
  10. Awesome! Will do, thanks.
  11. I am currently in the process of acquiring the necessary patches to turn a blank 2000 all star jersey into a Modano, and from all the photos I have seen, it seems as though the USA flag patch on these particular jerseys were smaller than the ones used on 1998-99 & '02. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Does anyone know if the Coyotes and Stars used the same shade of green 2NHL patch? It looks like the Coyotes had a darker green but I am hoping someone can confirm since lighting may be a little different in these photos.
  13. LAK - that '93 ASG... AND a size 44. I have just started my search for that jersey here in the past couple of months. Looking for a blank to have sent out to Keener. Looking forward to having a kit applied to my newest purchase. 91Canada Cup_usa
  14. I have been meaning to take some '08-'13 jerseys to Blake's but have not had the time to drive over to the shop. Mind me asking what the price was for his services? That 100 year anniversary patch will forever remind me of the most disappointing year in team history. Smh
  15. Thanks man. Your insight is always appreciated. I currently own a 48, that 44 would be right on the edge of being too snug for me. The sleeves on my 48 already sit slightly above my wrists.
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