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  1. Very nice additions, I'm glad you could put that blank to good use, EPS did a great job on it!
  2. JJM4


    Hah! I did need money, but now I hear the LeClair sold... :(
  3. JJM4


    Congrats on the pickup! I want his LeClair in the worst way, but I've put my funds elsewhere lately so can't do it.
  4. We're sharing a brain here buddy LOL. My exact feelings on the both the black alts. The numbers to be done like that on the Spiders cost the same as the blank, but well worth it. They never wore them on ice with the webbing, but there were promo jerseys back in the day done like this I've been told.
  5. Nice pick ups Josh and Fitz! I've been waiting on this batch from Keener for a while, it was about 6 weeks over due but the work is great so the wait was worth it. 2002 Size 56 Kipper rookie NWT Size 54 Selanne - this is a one year jersey from 2005-06, as this alternate was discontinued in the final year of the 6100 reebok. Also of note Selanne wore 13 for 2 season, 92-93 and 05-06 exactly 13 years apart. Now I have both his 13s. 1995-96 Beauregard Size 52 - only season of the Spiders and Beauregard was starter. Had the webbing chain stitched on.
  6. I agree, that would have to be very high up on the list.
  7. Here's a nice one from thebiggoalie. Will be a Gretz at some point.
  8. Very nice LAK, that's my favourite style of Kings jersey all-time, that exact one with the alt logo on the purple or forum blue or whatever. Cool that you got your favourite Kings player's rookie jersey!
  9. 2004 Binghamton Senators Hasek GI - he did a conditioning stint in the preseason of the AHL before the cancelled 2004-05 NHL Season. The jersey has a lot going for it besides the cool kit. It's ultrafil, goalie cut with a kiss cut kit. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2jyps7z][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50249817661_46cb82a1e7_k.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://flic.kr/p/2jypj4F][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50249790581_225d29b9f9_k.jpg[/img][/url] Edit: appears that the BB code isn't working, I dunno?
  10. Thanks for posting! Been a while since anyone posted a pick up... Looking good!
  11. Really? That's odd, I had to vigorously scrape with my fingernail but it removed all puck marks and other stains from a white ultrafil. Did you apply and rub it in or did you do the fingernail scrape technique?
  12. No, not a gamer, size 52 authentic.
  13. All of the gamers I found briefly browsing 97-98 Isles jerseys showed a consistent larger font, nothing close to resembling the Palffy above. They probably just swapped nameplates in and out at times for whatever reason??
  14. Anyone see this type of lettering font on a Fisherman before? I think it's from the latter part of the 97-98 season when they were back to wearing the wave style with regular Isles crest, but still this font is way smaller than usual. Thought it was semi-interesting... Compared to:
  15. Would anyone have an 80s style fight strap laying around that you're not using. Let me know... thanks!
  16. Yeah sorry about getting you to do a Habs jersey! You done good on it though. Nice Rielly Thanks! Don't you have the red Koho Koivu?
  17. A couple that came back from Toronto after 17 days sitting and waiting in Mississauga. Big thanks to @TMLFAN for these ones. 1999-00 Koivu size 52. First year of his captaincy he wore pro player. Beautiful jersey that I found for cheap as a Hackett that I stripped. The 'C' and the sleeve numbers are kiss cut and the back numbers are stacked. 1997-98 LeClair size 52. Added the NHL Player tag like the gamer has.
  18. It is pretty awesome stuff, and it's much less potent that goof off or acetone, you don't need to wear a mask and gloves or anything. You just apply it to the area in need and work it in and almost just scrape the stain out with your finger nail. For me it got a game used white jersey completely clean of stains and puck marks.
  19. It's a myth, try Amodex ink and stain remover. It worked for me. You can get it at a sewing supplies store.
  20. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    I sorta share the odd email message with that seller as I've done a few deal outside ebay with him. I asked him about that craziness. Turns out the high bidder was from Argentina and joined ebay a couple days ago, and the seller doesn't ship to South America either. But the 2nd place bidder was bugging him all week to end the auction early and he bid 1800, so who knows he may end up getting 1800 out of it yet. The seller is also pondering keeping it and having it customized, but I don't know if Keener will do 80s Oiler anymore and I also told him it might be tougher to find the authen
  21. Like other's have said here if your package goes through Mississauga you're SOL. I've had a shipment now not update since April 28. Totally sucks but not much you can do.
  22. Nice pickup(s) Josh! ... both the jersey and the girl!😊
  23. Looks like a legit CCM Heritage remake jersey of sorts to me.
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