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    Didn't they switch to air knit for 87-88?
  2. For those comparing and contrasting. The original is on the right, and the other is on the left. Seems to me the color of green is darker on the original and the green circle is a bit thicker. My contribution for reference if the question ever comes up...
  3. Please add (Re-) ... to the front of the Creation Jersey to create other contexts within the glossary being created... 1. Negative, tongue in cheek slang for a fake jersey that the owner attempts to pass off as legitimate. 2. Positive, recreational value from actions undertaken to create a jersey to one's liking though understandingly not appreciated by many collectors within the Jersisphere. This creates an alternative to keep the definition fair for all users and their unique collecting goals. And I think the Re- keeps it in line with another re- word type jerseys synonomous with illegiti
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    eBay version 4.0

  5. Last thing I will say on the matter of 'creation' jerseys... I've updated the ad (for complete clarity) and don't imagine to expand my client list here real soon. But I do appreciate the info I've gained from you guys in a relatively short time and don't want to stir the pot. It's a nice community. Lesson learned and moving on.
  6. I'm sorry if you view it that way. I have not sold any of these and I ask you reserve judgement on my misleading of people until I do and my rating reflects that. Am I the only one who does a project/creation type jersey?
  7. I thought so... and besides a couple of them would require many of us to mortgage our homes to pay for the real deal if it came available. ex. Orr final game in Boston: A mint Bruins Sandow Sweater that I have kicking around that I'd sooner not give away on ebay: Gives me something to do within the hobby for cheaper. More research, some history lessons, and some hard to find expensive pieces like:
  8. It's fine, it's a passionate group and I get that. I keep a section of 'creation' jerseys in my collection so I always have some form of jersey perfection to strive for while not breaking the bank. It's a passion for me. Thank you for your opinion on the jersey.
  9. Everything you've answered me or anyone on has been answered constructively and respectfully from what I've seen, so thank you again for another suggestion!
  10. Of course, in any collecting community I'd expect it's the same concept to apply. Just boils down to how particular you decide you want to be and how much $ you have. And for a wildwing I don't have the $ it takes to be particular as we'd all like.
  11. Yes, I'd like to get it right since I have some $ invested in it. Worried might not be the right way to put it, but since I was tagging a few more why not complete what I've got. I'd say proactive. I'd sooner not spend what an authentic would cost and why not make it as right as my eye sees fit? It's a replica remade to authentic specs.
  12. I'm very much a European goalie guy as I prefer Hasek over Roy/Brodeur and Tretiak over Dryden type thing so it was a pretty easy choice for me of who I'm getting put on this jersey. I'm trying to determine if people would prefer a 1976 Canada Cup style or 1980 Olympic style. I would love to make it in honor of Tretiak's 1981 Canada Cup MVP, but that was an ultrafil jersey. I've photomatched the 1976 and 1980 as airknit. I'm leaning toward 1976 because I like the white nameplate and the font better... and it could likely be reproduced easier... but maybe if anyone had a good reason/history
  13. Ok thank you... I re-read what you said and now I got a handle on what the 2 of you are saying. My reading comprehension today...
  14. I thought you'd like the advertising... If it sells in the coming week, I accept commissions in cash and jerseys
  15. And my MO for all of this carrying on about tags is this: I traded a jersey of mine that wasn't selling for one of the wild wing remake center ice jerseys that was on ebay but the tags were all wrong, so I was referring to a couple threads here to get it right... And of course I had a nice guy strip 3 new Maska tags out of some new cheap maska air knits he had listed on ebay... as replacement for the one pictured and a 90-91 North Star, and a 96 Caps J&B patch.
  16. Ok... I took Slim's comment as "no CCM jerseys after 92-93 had the CCM wash tag in the neck"... So it would seem that some game worn have the wash tag in the neck and some don't in the 95/96 CCM 3rd. But would a retail Wild Wing authentic (like the game worn Kariya in the thread I posted a link to) post 92-93 have the wash tag in the collar? I've seen the blank authentic in biggoalies for sale, I can refer there...
  17. So is the lack of collar tag just on retail authentics? What about this game worn from 1995: http://forums.icejerseys.com/index.php?showtopic=7254
  18. JJM4

    eBay version 4.0

    Better than UPS I guess. Import fees ruin lives.
  19. Ok, I saw the tag on Dudes' 92-93 Kings $88 special, but haven't noticed it earlier. Koho was pretty much the only one I was unsure of so thank you again for your help on that!
  20. Does anyone know what time frame and brands of jerseys that the blue red and white NHL player tag appears on? I have seen it on CCM, Nike, Pro Player, and Starter authentics, has anyone ever seen it on a Koho or RBK? The predominant date range I've noticed is mostly 92-99, but does anyone have any other examples of jerseys outside of the date range and brands I've mentioned? thanks
  21. Ah yes, it's always bitter sweet when I've gotta go to the drawer for the seam ripper.... But yes thank you for the #### you put me through! Almost daily!!
  22. After that detailed SC99 description by LAK74, I for one, had to get the seam ripper out and pluck out a TM and an R symbol.
  23. It's certainly available
  24. Thanks. I was hoping someone here would have a use for it ... if it had turned out good
  25. Does anyone know if this is original?
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