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  1. , I just noticed that, is there any way to edit it? Spell check must’ve got me, and I wasn’t paying attention.
  2. Glad I mentioned it, thank you! As long as it’s done right, and everything is lined up correctly, that’s fine with me. It’s going to be an Iginla jersey, so I need the 90th anniversary patch also. Who would you recommend for the customization? Someone else mentioned Keeners.
  3. It’s a Bruins jersey, I’m going to send it to their team customizer for name and number, hopefully they’ll have a nameplate.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I’m glad I found them, I tried to get one from JB, but that was...........well, unsuccessful.
  5. Has anyone bought the team issue jerseys from MeiGrey on eBay? Being that it’s MeiGrey, I’m sure they’re legit, but I just wanted to make sure! Thanks in advance.
  6. Maybe send another e-mail? I've never heard of him not contacting someone for 14 days.
  7. I thought about that. Even with the wordmark it's not a massive foul, the vast majority of people would have no idea.
  8. Great! Thanks for the info! It gives me a few more options. I was thinking of having Shanahan put on it, but it would be a foul by a few years.
  9. The sticker on the paper tag reads either "14 03 13", or the "1" might be a cut off zero so it may be "04 03 13". So would this jersey be from the 12-13 season, or 13-14? I want to avoid a jersey foul when I get it customized. There was a sticker inside the fight strap as well, it read "60". Thanks for the replies!
  10. I just purchased a Reebok Rangers home jersey, size 58+, from JerseyBaron. The tag on the collar is the "Made in Canada" tag, with the flag, and size. On the side seam, near the lower hem of the jersey is the "Reebok/ Maska" tag. On that tag there is a sticker applied, that reads "06 03 13", I'm wondering if that was the manufacture date? Thanks!
  11. I just put it in the washer, cold, on the "extra light" cycle, and no other clothes. I was nervous because of the felt crest and numbers, I knew the jersey itself would be fine, the felt parts were what I worried about. Everything turned out fine though, it was nearly dry already when I pulled it out of the washer, the dirty areas are cleaned, the crest is perfect, still stiff, no wrinkling, the numbers are fine, colors didn't bleed or anything. Now, I wouldn't wash it on a regular basis, I've had it for a year and a half or so, and this is the first time I washed it. The only thing that sucks
  12. While traveling, my Rangers winter classic got a few dark spots on it, I don't think they're stains, just dirty areas. A couple are right on the upper edges of the crest. What is the best way to wash the jersey? The crest and numbers are felt, and I don't want to ruin them, obviously.
  13. Blues CCM size 56, with Tony Twist's name and number, purchased around 1999, what would be a fair price? http://m.imgur.com/a/NRXxN
  14. I thought I attached a link to the first post, but it looks like it didn't post for some reason, but here are some pics of the jersey. http://m.imgur.com/a/NRXxN
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