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  1. Who'd you end up putting on this? I would second those who have said Larionov but Krutov #17 would also be really cool. Regardless of who you choose, that is a choice sweater.
  2. Incredible Winter Classic score! It would be an injustice to the world if you put anything but a big ole #5 on that thing.. I LOVE Datsyuk but I would for sure go with the Captain with that one..
  3. My bad.. Don't know why I didn't get that. I love that flic and didn't get the reference.. I'll go back in my cave.. Holy Jarome btw!!
  4. What's with all the racialist comments on here lately?? Yeesh
  5. I'd go with this guy personally.. Guy is a natural and has lots more to give..
  6. Brandon, nice work bud! That Legwand 2.0 07-08 is rare for sure... they were one of the only teams to rock the 1.0's the whole ride that season even into the playoffs.. I just picked up the Suter from the same set as your 09-10 Third set 1 Legwand..... and they are indeed sharp! Nice collection man!
  7. Hey you Ranger rubes.. You get Rick Nash.. I here a deal is being done right now.. so pretty cool "new arrival" and sorry there is no picture to post yet New arrivals for the -men in jackets that are blue- include Mr. Dubinsky, Erixon, and a 1st.. and.......one more peice...
  8. Very cool! Maybe she can understand what the hell I say in the interview lol...
  9. Straight from the team.. and get this.. when I wore it to the Prospects Tourny this past week.. A Finnish reporter interviewed me and I made the Helsingin Sonomat which is the Helsinki New York Times. http://www.hs.fi/digilehti/urheilu/Tervetuloa+Minnesotaan+Granlund/a1342322137610 There is actually a picture in the paper of me wearing the jersey.. Pretty awesome! The reporter was the US correspondant and primarily covers political topics..talked to him for a half an hour.. My friend from Finland is sending me the actual article.. Super cool!
  10. Suter 09-10 3rd set 1 Granlund HIFK Helsinki 11-12 and big ups to my bud Kurt (flyhighguys94) for this beaut
  11. Sweet Gooch! I'm hoping he has a better season than last as he didn't get hit by a car this July like he did last July.. Guy can put up 30 snipes again..
  12. Agreed! Nice work Mike...and you're right..slim.. cocaine's a hell of a drug...
  13. Sweet GI AS sweater Cowboys.. I'd role Stammer.. Malkin however scored some beauties in that game.. Killer Whale Christopheroslimcuterro!! Kurt, you're a dirty girl.. that Isles is hideous! I think it looks to much like the Phoenix Suns Hockey Jersey.. I like the Fisherman though..
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