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  1. got it...thanks. (and yes, now that i actually look at it closely, that fight strap is a hot mess. lesson learned!)
  2. i actually bought one of those 2.0's from jersey baron years ago...but it was SUPER big - a 54 was significantly larger then a 56 non-winter classic i already owned. so i returned it. not sure if all the winter classic jerseys ran this big or if it was just the one i got because i've never been able to find one since! just to be clear, are you saying that ALL of the CCM/Reebok versions with numerical sizes are knockoffs? for example, is this a knockoff: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174716373661 thanks for your suggestion. this jersey - along with any IIHF 1980 USA retro versions - a
  3. i wasn't clear in my initial post. i found this jersey...but haven't actually pulled the trigger on it. which is why i posted here in the first place: to see if it is what it's supposed to be. so thank you both for your help! my search continues....;>)
  4. i've been looking for an (affordable) authentic 2010 boston bruins winter classic jersey for years and have finally decided to consider replicas. i found this CCM/Reebok version, but am not certain it is what it says it is. can anyone help? also, it seems much larger than an edge 2.0 from the same time period. am i imagining this?
  5. that's one of the two jerseys i used as benchmarks...! thanks for confirming my instincts.
  6. these all look a bit hinky to me (to varying degrees)? do you all agree? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pristine-Reebok-Bobby-Orr-Winter-Classic-2010-CCM-jersey-Size-52-XL-throwback-/152343916411?hash=item237867af7b:g:UaAAAOSwbsBXpCcu http://www.ebay.com/itm/vtg-Boston-Bruins-33-Zdeno-Chara-Jersey-2010-Winter-Classic-sz-52-XL-Canada-/252620852097?hash=item3ad1604b81:g:63oAAOSwo4pYHOTB http://www.ebay.com/itm/Reebok-WINTER-CLASSIC-2010-MARC-SAVARD-No-91-Size-52-Jersey-w-Fighting-Strap-/371452193860?hash=item567c46ac44:g:zDEAAOSwEeFU-oKc http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zdeno-Chara-2010-Wint
  7. any thoughts on this jersey? it's a 52 ccm/masko from canada - how does it fit compared to a reebok edge 2.0? i have the opportunity to get it at a great price...but i'm not sure....
  8. does that mean you get to put a "C" on all your jerseys?
  9. i own a 2011-12 boston bruins game worn jersey (black set 1). the jersey is an edge 2.0 7287. unfortunately, my wife somehow lost the lace from the jersey's neck. does anyone know where i might find: 1) an authentic replacement lace 2) a replacement lace that is as close to the "real thing" as possible if this question has already been answered, i apologize in advance. i tried searching the site, as well as google and have thusfar struck out. HELP!
  10. i'd love other input on the material weight issue...thanks in advance. also, do you know if these jerseys run large compared to other 2.0 7287's? this jersey is a 54...but it's HUGE. it's larger than some a couple size 56 jerseys i already own (the 54 measures a whopping 28" pit-to-pit!).
  11. the born-on date appears to be dec 18, 2014 (18.12.14). does that imply the material should be the same as that on the 2011-12 jerseys? or are the winter classic ones different? i'll try to send some photos later this pm....
  12. I just bought this jersey (NWT) and it seems a bit more "lightweight" than other edge 2.0 7287 jerseys i own. might that have something to do with the fact that this jersey is from 2009-2010 and the others are from 2011-2012? or are these winter classic jerseys simply different (i also noticed the reebok logo is on the back collar, rather than the name spelled out)? or is the jersey a fake?
  13. i've seen the indo-edge versions as well. such a bummer that they're labeled as "authentic" when they're nothing like the ones actually worn by the players. thanks for checking on the 2.0 thirds. i've been pretty thorough in searching myself and also can't find any (except from meigray). fyi, people shouldn't assume that all the meigray thirds are 2.0. most are...but a few (from 08-09 and 09-10) are 1.0. you need to call and ask about each specific jersey.
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