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  1. Chazberg

    Edge Collars

    Not that I've ever seen. The changeover from vector to wordmark jerseys was slow, and you even saw a lot of teams with guys still wearing old vector jerseys after the switch. Regarding retail, I'm not sure when 2.0s started being produced, but I know that around these parts the vector 1.0 gave way to the wordmark Indo Edge for the "authentic" jersey option (and on the first iteration the Reebok wordmark was just pressed on, not even sewn). For tagging, LAK74 is right— basically every jersey that was a new design starting in 2008 used the wordmark logo tagging, but others that stayed the s
  2. Do you mean 90s Avalanche, or old Colorado Rockies?
  3. 1.0s are the greatest hockey jerseys ever created IMHO, but I am a tall lanky guy and a 2.0 absolutely swallows me whole; looks ridiculous. To me it isn't so much that the sleeves on the 1.0 are longer, but that the sleeves on the 2.0 are too short. The 1.0 was the perfect jersey for fans because it wasn't made to fit over pads and looked good on a normal person—it didn't fit like a muumuu. As others have said, it is slightly more delicate because of the front/sleeve material (I get very nervous while wearing one around my cat and dog and their claws), but all mine have held up really well.
  4. Next some stuff from EPS—a 6100 Alfie and two UM Hagelins (chalk full of patches!)
  5. Hey folks, it's been awhile and I figured I'd catch up on my hauls from the past year. First, Blackhawks from CSL. Three Edge 1.0s (including the last white 50 I might ever find ) plus an Indo Edge I got quite cheap with all the sales going on.
  6. Chazberg

    eBay version 4.0

    Don't think I've ever seen this before: This dude just Photoshops all the lettering and patches onto images of blank jerseys. I don't even get it; like, is he ripping people off and just sending them a blank jersey? Is he too lazy to take pics of his own lettered jerseys? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-03-CCM-Stanley-Cup-Anaheim-Mighty-Ducks-NHL-XL-Jersey-Paul-Kariya-Sewn-RARE/192410164280?hash=item2ccc8a1c38:g:6YsAAOSwjlBaQzKo https://www.ebay.com/itm/202163220905?ul_noapp=true https://www.ebay.com/itm/ROBERTO-LUONGO-NEW-YORK-ISLANDERS-CCM-ROOKIE-JERSEY-NEW-W-TAGS-RARE-SEWN-XL/1
  7. Yes, but as I told vadarx, since they're a mom and pop shop it might be hard to specify that you want the 1.0 in an online order. They're hanging on the wall in the same rack as Indo Edges, so it's the type of thing that would be easier to do in person or over the phone.
  8. And, on that note, I will post about my own ongoing search for any Blackhawks Edge 1.0s, size 46 or 50.
  9. Grandstand still has 2 or 3 white 1.0s left. I just bought their last 50, but I think at least one of the other ones is a 56. They're still at full price, $250, and they won't budge on it.
  10. Yeah, I think the dazzle fabric is more a style trend than an indicator of quality. Ca. 2000 several other teams like the Blues, Capitals, Penguins and Predators used it on their jerseys, and then teams eventually began going back to the flat airknit. I always liked the shiny fabric as an accent, it gave some diversity of texture.
  11. OK, update #2 after another 6 months have passed... I finally succeeded in getting all the pooled glue residue off the Finals patch, but now some freaky stuff is starting to happen to the crest of the jersey, which was in the line of fire of the acetone. As you can see in the image, there are discolored areas forming in sort of an outline in the brown areas of the face, most noticeably at the jaw and neck. This is really starting to freak me out and I'm beginning to worry I've ruined the jersey. Is this the glue from the crest seeping through? Discoloration to the fabric from the acetone?
  12. On a somewhat related note, has anyone had luck ironing over vinyl/heat transfer graphics? I recently bought a Bears jersey with very prominent creasing but I'm scared to go anywhere near the graphics with an iron.
  13. Hello again folks, I have a follow-up question on this matter. I've applied the acetone to the jersey and while it did succeed in breaking up the yellow residue around the patch, it's now leaving rings at the edges of wear it was applied, I guess because the loosened glue residue is spreading out and pooling? Or are these rings in fact the actual acetone? I have tried several applications and each time it just spreads out and pools a little wider. Does anyone have a solution for this? I was thinking of soaking the whole jersey in a diluted acetone solution, to try and com
  14. If that were the case nobody's logos or numbers would survive one game. That application style works for soccer because it's not a contact sport (please don't start a debate about tackling, you know what I mean). With all the jostling, grabbing, hooking, slashing et al that goes on in each and every pro hockey game (not to mention what goalies go through) I just don't see a way heat-pressed graphics would be feasible. I've seen fans wearing soccer jerseys with peeling numbers for crying out loud.
  15. I hope you cut those tags off first
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