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  1. First pick ups in a while James Reimer 2013-2014 Game Used Reverse Retro MIC 60G Freddy Andersen 2016-17 Away GC
  2. Thought I had heard they were changing everything to that Parley material.
  3. Beautiful Salming there. Long before my time, but I can always respect good stuff. Added this one today. GI Leafs RR. It'll eventually get the seam ripper treatment to be made into a Marner (54 matches perfectly to Marner). These look much better in person, but still would have been so much better with white or off white rather than grey.
  4. I've actually been noticing over the last two months or so the nameplates have changed as well on the homes/aways - they appear taller like my St Pats and as you said, not serged. Also based on my St. Pat's, I don't even think they are MIC material - even with the last image, it looks like a different material. Couple recent images from Getty. I think others' have previously pointed out that the sleeve numbers have shifted upward.
  5. Isn’t that a Jersey Authentix special too?
  6. Believe they do the Marlies as well - I actually reached out to CatStitch confirm and the guy there said they are doing the on ice jerseys now. Interestingly enough, looking at the auction from Real Sports, only Thornton's jersey also appeared to be done by CatStitch out of the jerseys that were put up for auction (13 total IIRC). Rest of the team appeared to still be SLC jobs, however could have just carried forward from 2019-2020.
  7. Very excited to add this one to the collection. Morgan Rielly 2020-2021 game used St. Pat's throwback worn March 14th against the Senators. Despite the loss (team is now 1 and 5 since debuting them in 2016-2017), Captain Mo still picked up two assists. Jersey has some decent wear for one game - team repair on left sleeve and multiple board burns. Haven't been able to photomatch the repair unfortunately (only five images on Getty from the game). Also interestingly, the custo job was done by CatStitch rather than SLC. There's definitely some noticeable differences - nameplate doesn't appear
  8. For me, without a doubt I would have bought a Leafs by now. I hate the grey and wish it was white, but I still need to have it. For now, I'll turn my attention for when the GU auction goes up.
  9. Limited edition as you said. Some team's due to popularity have been even more rare (such as Capitals and Avalanche after the Tahoe game). If you look at completed listings, there's RRs that have sold in the $600CAD ballpark. I personally think it's stupid as well, but it is what it is. Not my niche that's for sure.
  10. Jake Guentzel Penguins Alternate MIC (his size 54 too!)
  11. Can't believe I continue to waste money on this team.
  12. Awesome Canada jersey there. Always great seeing those. Got these done up recently. Freddie Andersen AreTnas Goalie Cut Phil Kessel '14 WC Style Alternate (worn for two games)
  13. I doubt Nike being in charge would make a difference. I've seen a couple sources confirm (one being the Stars' team shop) that it is the NHL that forbids sale of MICs, not Adidas.
  14. I came here to post that^, I don't think that seller could post worse pictures if they tried. A Mooterus goalie cut is a cool grab, just not one beat to sh!t
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