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  1. nothing to display here. only thing arriving today is myself. no clue that the old board had migrated elsewhere. thanks, Google. quick, someone sell me a MIC 'hawks sweater. I've been without a fix for awhile...
  2. nice pickup, mdwsta4! would love to find 2-3 size 56s in the new style, myself. as with hockey Bob, I've only been able to find a 58 thus far. I'd also love to get my hands on an away sweater....
  3. wow. as mentioned above, cannot believe I've never happened upon this site before. thanks a ton for the link, what a wealth of info!
  4. I agree. what a bummer.... blows my whole weekend....
  5. a pair of fantastic lookin sweaters there! beat state!
  6. big thanks to mdwsta4! finally got my hands on a 'hawks MiC 2019 WC. what a beauty! I resisted the urge to spend my money on one of those indo's on many occasions, hoping I'd eventually be able to get ahold of one and now it has paid off thanks to mdwsta4. very much appreciated!
  7. thanks! I thought so, just wasn't certain. I feel like I have a fair handle on Blackhawks sweaters, but any other team, other than being able to pick out obvious fake Reeboks, is a mystery to me as I only collect 'hawks sweaters.
  8. was the Golden Toe on all the sweaters or just certain players? after seeing this last night I went and looked at game photos and Caligula was the only one I saw with one missing the white in the eye.
  9. I hear ya. i haven't decided who i want to put on mine as yet. if there are ever 56s out there I'm gonna need 2-3 of em.... kinda wanted a Boqvist as well, but no way am I putting him on a 58....
  10. wow, nice catch! that nashirlle sweater is outstanding. I think I may have to refer to them as such from now on....
  11. good luck! 😅 at least you can both root for 88?
  12. *rolls eyes* "another one??" *rolls eyes again* questions my love and wonders where her ring is.... that about sums it up. lol
  13. vadarx

    eBay version 4.0

    glad to hear it turned out well, Bob. I'll have to keep a more alert eye out for more sales by this seller. I'd rather not a size 58, but I'd take it in the new style.
  14. vadarx

    eBay version 4.0

    I'd be interested in a better shot of the fight strap. only way to get them is via team issue as far as I know, so the strap would help in that regard. hope that it is indeed the real deal.
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