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  1. AHL All star Glenn Gawdin
  2. They arrived .. yesterday! Stockton Heat 15th anniversary alternate jerseys, celebrating 10 years as the ECHL Stockton Thunder and 5 as the AHL Stockton Heat. Worn on the 15th of every month of the shortened season, Dillon Dube only wore this twice before being recalled to Calgary, the last day being November 15th !
  3. Very nice QAR, great additions! I'm not sure if they're random or you're a Kovy or Thrashers guy, but there's an 08-09 Kovy on Facebook Marketplace in Calgary for sale, listed for 1750 and I'm assuming canadian $ which would be about $78.50 US
  4. Saw this ad on kijiji, and I usually shy away from pressing people about their framed jerseys, they usually don't want to take things apart and usually it's just a signed replica, but I saw a little spot and thought I'd take a drive and a change It actually turned out pretty well. Set 1 2011/12, lots of easy photomatches
  5. kijiji find arrived Friday From the lockout shortened season, Big Ern only played the first two home games, and didn't play on the team's following 7 game road trip, but this was ready for him if he did. He was assigned to the Admirals nearly a month later, then traded to the Flames Fully customized with two fight straps (next post)
  6. I love it! Went to a bunch of Grizzlies games back in the day, highlight was seeing #45 Jordan
  7. ha! very cool, congrats
  8. Not great colors from my phone cam then, it's a very dark olive green.. not quite as green as the auction picture
  9. Just picked up from the Saddledome, worn during warmup Dec. 5
  10. dayumm you guys are good, I'm usually better at researching before speaking 😶 Looking at it now, I think customizing is definitely the way to go, and the price is still a steal for a vintage mesh hats off to you all!
  11. The namebar could even be a Sandow *shrug* all due respect to you, and everyone here, I'm more to the gameworn side of things, so my view is approaching the hockey history of the shirt.. Buchberger was a pretty good Oiler, the numbers look fine to me.. we get our opinions, similar to autographing a gameworn, some are against, some are for, and I just wanted to voice mine In the end, it's DithyK's shirt and he can do what he wants with it, and I'm cool with that.. I just wanted to say my piece peace?
  12. Saw that on kijiji as well but I was too slow.. $50 is an absolute steal! Please don't strip more than the namebar.. I was the one that let the seller know about the foul (if you heard it from her), it's a Nike namebar (consistent with Hughes era) on a somewhat rare CCM mesh (only a month or two of the 89-90 season) but Hughes didn't play in the CCM era, do you know who did? Again, please don't strip more than the HUGHES name, it's a valuable piece of Oilers memorabilia
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